Discussing the disappearance of Maura Murray

4 comments on “TADP EP 13 – True Crime – Revisiting Maura Murray Missing

  • Read through all the Renner stuff today. I think Maura is in hiding. Not sure why though. Renner asked multiple times for proof of her fate, and he would take down all his research no questions asked and not tell anyone. What are the chances he got his proof with agreement of publically locking the info and saying he’s moving another direction with his interests.. Additionally, the troll stuff literally turned my stomach.

    • While I came to a similar conclusion, I have a hard time to accept that she would have hid from most of her family for twelve years now. It’s my opinion that Maura was murdered and most likely at the hands of someone who knew her.

      • Murdered or in hiding, the two girl friends know something. I guess the thought that hasn’t been talked about that’s eating at me has to do with her “outgoing sexuality.” Almost always (to that degree) that behavior derives from sexual abuse. If there was someone in her life who sexually abused her from a young age (you can figure out who I’m pointing at) into adult hood, I could see how becoming pregnant and running away would make sense in addition to friends not wanting to cause trouble for her by talking to police. Plus the abuser definitely wouldn’t want to cooperate with investigators himself. This is all speculation and by the way I truly feel terrible for speculative pointed fingers. It seems to me that I wouldn’t be so brazen in my resistance to investigation if I knew that someone was murdered.

        • I try not speculating because really there is endless scenarios in Maura’s disappearance. One thing I have a hard time understanding and may be the key to understanding her disappearance is the following question. How is it that someone who is scared to drive her vehicle and keeps it parked for 3 weeks and gets rides to her clinicals from friends suddenly take that same vehicle on a 135 mile journey in the northern parts of New Hampshire and why is it that she is following a road that doesn’t lead to the maps in her vehicle or the place where her father Fred thought she was going? In my opinion there is only two possible answers, either someone was following behind Maura in case the vehicle broke down, or someone else drove the vehicle to Haverhill NH to completely throw off the investigation…..

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