Maura Murray’s disappearance has by far been the most baffling missing persons’s case that I’ve seen yet, mostly because of the tactics used in the Maura Murray online community. I’ve made some comments about the OHV servers that some in the community have used however I wasn’t aware of how these servers were used and why until I began reading about botnets. Basically a bot net is a number of connected devices each of which has one or more bots. The owner of the botnet can use a command and control software. The word botnet is a combination of the word Robot and Network. Here’s a picture to explain what a botnet looks like:


The next question is why would someone in the Maura Murray community want to use a botnet against the people in the community. Oh yeah, if you have been on websites related to Maura’s disappearance, there’s a very strong possibility you are part of this botnet. The “botnet” was mentioned by a prominent member of the community who calls himself HunterPense on reddit. He mentioned it on the pomkik webiste and refers to it as botnet Jones (whatever that means).


Basically the way it works is A hacker will either purchase or build his/her own Trojan and/or exploit kit and then uses it to start infecting users’ computers, The bot then instructs the infected device to connect to a particular command-and-control (C&C) server. (This allows the botmaster to keep logs of how many bots are active and online.) The botmaster may then use the bots to gather keystrokes or use form grabbing to steal online credentials and may rent out the botnet as DDoS and/or spam as a service or sell the credentials online for a profit. Depending on the quality and capability of the bots, the value is increased or decreased. Then the bot can keep tabs on all your keystrokes, so the people can spy on all your online activities. I believe there is a group involved in this which includes JL, JS, NP and several others. Why they are spying on the community and the sending threatening emails to members of the community is beyond me. What do you think?



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