Late on May 3rd 2016 at 23:06 pm I received a odd email from a stranger. The email was entitled John Smith.  Here’s a copy of the email:


Now, what is odd about this message is that the post that I had written on John Smith’s blog was actually written couple months prior to receiving this email, and not a few weeks ago as the emailer claims. On top of that, I only ever posted my email address once on John Smith’s blog and it was on my very first message on his blog. When I asked the person how they received my email address they said they wrote it down after seeing John’s blog. So of course my first question is, who writes down a stranger’s email address only to contact them a few months later? Now there is something else odd about this message. It was sent less than an hour prior to what would have been Maura Murray’s birthday. In fact, I only ever received messages from this individual less than an hour before her birthday, on her birthday and several hours after her birthday. It’s all very strange. The person knew my moniker on John Smith’s blog and referred to me as that moniker. When I asked this person who he was, he made up a story about being at his brother’s house and just being curious about the case.

The first night I received a total of 6 emails from this stranger. Here’s where it gets a bit more odd. He was writing me to get information about a quote on topix by matthew. I covered this on a previous post. The topix post was written on the 6th year of Maura Murray’s disappearance. Furthermore, the day prior to receiving this email about the matthew topix post, I had sent John Smith an email regarding some information that I had gathered from that particular post.

The emailer claimed to be from Hot Springs Arkansas, however when I looked up the name, I couldn’t find anyone by that name in Hot Springs. The person sent me a few more emails but when I confronted him and asked him to provide me more information about who he was, he began asking me if I was a Jehovah’s witness. A few days after hearing from him I went on the sub reddit site for Maura Murray and advised the group about the odd email I received. The same day that I wrote the message to the Maura Murray sub reddit forum, I received one last email from this individual. I tried responding, however his email address is no longer active. After his email became inactive, I began getting anonymous emails to some of the different email addresses that I have. When I called the person out of my blog, the emails ceased.

Out of curiosity I checked the matthew post again and found that someone had changed the location again. The original location of the matthew post was Portland Maine, but the location was recently changed to Glen NH. If you want to have a look, you can see it here at this link: or see the attached image:


Now the strange thing about that location is that it is 4.2 miles or an 8 minute drive to Bartlett NH from this location. Fred Murray, Maura’s father said that he believed his daughter was heading to Bartlett since it was a place she was very familiar with.


So I’m asking my reader’s help me with this mystery. I received the email from the following email address The name that came up was Larry Sarkozy and the person went by Larz. I don’t know if this was just his moniker or if it was his real name. I’m not sure if this is all a co-incidence, or if it’s something else entirely. If any of you are familiar with this email address or with the name than please let me know. My email is

5 comments on “Strange emails in the Maura Murray case

  • If you saved the emails he sent you or can some how try and retrieve them you should try a header search to pin down a location

  • did you facebook this individual. All i did was type in his name, and a young gentleman from Windham,NH came up. coincidentally his gf looks similar to maura, on top of that, it appears he likes skiing/resorts.

  • Why don’t you try and hire a hacker to see if they can hack any of the email accounts that have contacted you…. It’s only about 200.00 to do so……. Might be worth the money spent

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