For some reason, trolls seem to be very attracted to the disappearance of Maura Murray. There have been youtube videos posted as well as forums attacked by a group of people. It seems like people will even fabricate leads to throw off the investigation. The Quebec lead was an example of this. Also this cryptic… Read More

  Quebec also know as “la belle province” (the beautiful province) has been the rumoured destination of Maura Murray for those  who believe that she ran away. Much like a Bourne Identity movie, the believers of this theory believe that she was able to get Canadian passports and was able to obtain citizenship while eluding… Read More

  The first case I have decided to look at is the disappearance of Maura Murray. Although this case has been discussed many times on the internet, I have decided to give a brief overview of the events that led to her disappearance. Once I cover this topic, I will move to more in-depth theories… Read More

There is some information on the internet about Maura Murray, some of which is accurate and other is either unreliable or flat out lies. So before I dive into this mystery, I want to shed some light on who she is. I would also love for her family and friends to comment so that the… Read More

The first case I’ve decided to look into is the disappearance of Maura Murray. I recall the first time I heard about her disappearance was while watching an episode of the TV show disappeared on ID. I became fascinated with the case and quickly went to the internet to research the case and see if… Read More