I was recently contacted on Reddit by a user who asked me to look into the disappearance of Claxton Mark Mayo. I decided to take him up on the challenge and include some information on Claxton Mark Mayo’s disappearance. Unlike some of the other cases I’ve looked into, finding information about this case was difficult since there was almost no data online regarding this case.

From what I could piece together, Claxton Mark Mayo (who goes by Mark) was involved in a traffic accident on Interstate 20 on March 30 2011 where his suburban flipped over three times. Surveillance footage shows him entering a Ouachita Parish truck stop, but the cameras never filmed him leaving. It has been speculated that Mark may have suffered a head injury in the crash which affected his memory. He was reported missing to the Bienville Parish Sheriff’s Office 6 years ago and has never been found.

Obviously I don’t have much info to go on, however I was able to gather some additional information using internet tools which I believe brings answers to this mystery. According to the information I was able to gather, it seems that Claxton Mark Mayo is currently living in Plano Tx. Have a look at the information below:

I have blacked out some of the information, however this person’s name is Claxton Mark Mayo and he used to live in Monroe Louisiana. I have contacted law enforcement regarding his disappearance. Hopefully this information will bring some relief for those searching for Mark.




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