I know that I’ve talked about this before and just recently posted something regarding someone who accessed my blog from an IP address located in Beauharnois Quebec. In doing some digging I’ve uncovered some very interesting information. First thing to note is OVH’s datacenter locations. They have 4 in total, here are where these are located:

Beauharnois Quebec (North American datacenter)

Gravelines (Western Europe datacenter)

Roubaix (Western Europe datacenter)

Strasbourgh (Europe)


Now they also have several routers/bandwith options across Europe and north america, have a look at the list:













North America:


Palo Alto

Los Angeles





San Jose

New York





So I find this very interesting since there are three prominent locations on this list which have come up over and over again in the online Maura Murray community, Amsterdam NL, Ashburn VA and Beauharnois Qc. Clearly the person who was sending threatening emails to certain people in the online community has been using OVH Services to carry out their attacks and also to hide their IP address. This tells me that the person doing this has a background in IT and that this person is most likely located between the state of Virginia and Washington DC. So who did Maura know that worked in IT and lived or currently lives in the surrounding areas of the state of Virginia and Washington DC? If someone can find that out, then we could bring some much needed answers, in my opinion.




Looking at the different routs that Ip’s travel via OVH’s servers and databases I found something interesting, have a look at this:

This image shows the different IP routes that travel via the OVH system below is the key for the different icons and lines:

Now as you can see, the above diagram has Fiber optic connections included, but when you remove the Fiber optic connections and only leave the OVH Fiber optic connections and Fiber optic connections in progress for North America, you get this:


As you can see this one is much easier to read. At the bottom you can see a dot, that represents Ashburn VA which runs east up to New York then up to Montreal Quebec and their data centre in Beauharnois Qc. If you go west of that point, you reach Chicago then Toronto Canada then back up to Montreal and Beauharnois. This is why I believe that the person involved with all the online trolling n the community and the false leads, threatening emails etc is either located in the state of Virginia or Washington DC. Of course I’m not an IT specialist so if one of my readers wants to correct me, that’s perfectly fine.



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