For some reason, trolls seem to be very attracted to the disappearance of Maura Murray. There have been youtube videos posted as well as forums attacked by a group of people. It seems like people will even fabricate leads to throw off the investigation. The Quebec lead was an example of this. Also this cryptic post left on the 6 year mark of her disappearance:

This post got my attention so I did some research and recently noticed something when looking at the post on the internet database or wayback machine, have a look:

Matthew 1

This was how the post appears. The location appears as Portland ME. Now when I checked the wayback machine for the date of August 31 2011 I saw this:

matthew 2

The location is now North Woodstock NH. Then I looked even further back with the wayback machine and looked at the date June 14 2011 and found this:

matthew 3

Now it show him being in Lincoln NH. Clearly the writer of the post was not from where he was claiming to be from. Now have a look at the distance from where her vehicle was found and where North Woodstock NH and Lincoln NH are located:

Map 1

Both are located less than 20 miles from where her vehicle was found. Also noteworthy is that this path falls in place with Rick Forcier’s witness statement that placed Maura near the 116 and 112. Also, the message itself is cryptic. The message was written on the 6 year mark of her disappearance, the distance was 7.8 miles, it was written on the 9th of 10 (2010) and it was the 11th post on the page… In other words 6 year, 7 distance, 8 distance, 9 day, 10 year and 11 post. Really disturbing when you think about it. There are other strange things, for example the amount of words used (without including the numbers) is exactly 69. The 6 is for the years she had been missing and the 9 represents the day. There are other strange things about the post, but I will keep those to myself.

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  • I will add this, when Tim and Lance the podcast guys were in Lincoln NH (the place this text originated from) they received a threatening email as well as a strange text and also a weird phone call.

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