I needed an outlet to discuss an issue that has been weighing on my mind lately, that of internet trolls getting involved in open investigations. These people take pleasure in causing distractions to open investigations and taking the focus off of the missing person or victim and placing the focus on themselves. In the process these people are causing in some cases false hope for the families of the missing, or additional stress and anxiety and even outright fear from threats. Some of these people will pretend to be the missing person and some will pretend to be the perpetrator. It’s extremely disturbing and in my opinion absolutely needs to stop.

I’ve only covered a few cases so far, but out of the four cases I’ve followed, two of them have been ravaged by internet trolls. The case of Maura Murray has been completely saturated by internet trolls, to the point that the family needed to close their first forum. Over the years, there have been several people who pretended to be Maura Murray. Just recently, author James Renner was contacted by someone who found a facebook page of someone who he believed was Maura Murray. For more information, have a look at the following link: http://mauramurray.blogspot.nl/2016/10/did-maura-murray-just-take-down-her.html. This of course turned out to be perpetrated by an internet troll. One of the most known trolls regarding the Maura Murray case is Alden Howes Olson who posted several videos to youtube, here’s one of his videos:

This video of course came out of the anniversary of Maura’s disappearance. Another prominent troll in the Maura Murray case has been that of the person who uses the online moniker pomkik. This person had set up several online websites and also made several youtube videos including this one:

This person has made different comments which leads one to believe they may be involved in Maura’s disappearance and they have also started rumours about Maura being in Canada. Again, I’m not sure why someone would do this, it’s completely irrational and it only negatively affects the investigation and puts additional stress and grief on the family and friends of those missing. Just yesterday, yet another troll went on the Maura Murray reddit page and put up a post on how his friend’s girlfriend knew a friend of Maura’s and that he somehow had an inside scoop on Maura. I immediately tried to vet this person publicly on reddit and was  immediately met with a succession of hate messages on reddit. I sent a message to the admins asking to take the post down since it was clearly a troll post, however they ignored my requests. I then researched the individual and outed him on the reddit post for which I was banned from posting on the subreddit. Again, this makes absolutely no sense, the moderators would rather have people spread lies than have someone who exposes them? Someone please explain that one to me.

Just recently I began looking into the disappearance of Jennifer Kesse and found that her family and friends experienced something quite similar. There have been many internet trolls surrounding this case as well, and some have gone to great measures to disrupt the ongoing investigation. Have a look at this video:

This guy sent threats to the family and stalked them. This is absolutely crazy and needs to be stopped. Her family also had to deal with other internet troll including a toll who went online and posted a video on youtube and wanted viewers to play a game with him and he pretended that he killed 16 people. The guy used the moniker catch me killer, have a look:

I don’t know about anyone else, but I find this extremely disturbing. Just today, there was a post on the Maura Murray reddit page that states the following:


I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with our society that this type of behaviour is acceptable. I believe that most of this attitude is caused by the false sense of security that these people have that they can say and do what they want without being outed, which is why I chose to out the person yesterday on the Maura Murray reddit page. Apparently that’s not allowed according to the moderators. I believe that folks who do this shouldn’t be allowed to have access to the internet period. Let me know what you think about this.



29 comments on “Internet trolls and open investigations – this needs to stop

  • This is a truly depraved society we are living in and it’s very troubling. Morality is not taught in the home anymore. People just sit on a computer all day playing violent video games and surfing porn sites. What a sad commentary about our world!

  • I believe that Alden had been made to make those videos , and was quilled into it . Not knowing the true meaning off what they were for. Someone want the public to think he was some how involved, a homeless drifter living out his van, know one to care about or miss him . But when the police check him out , there nothing to link him to it. I have loads off stuff on this theory. How it was made to look like Alden, even to place she was taken. It explains the LondonDerry ping. There is a place that is linked to Alden facebook, plastered all over his facebook and photos linking to cape cod ,which is like a huge bulls eye saying look at me . That brings me to another picture online that is gone now . This is also linked to cape cod and Alden and his numbers puzzles. Sacrifice rock Plymouth. Alden vacations there in cape cod also, the question is who went to the extremes to do this.????? Pomkik, Alden , Lucile whyte CJ Kelsall,

    • Sorry wasn’t finished and pressed send , all the names I mentioned I was supposed to say that all these names are linked and connected by a very intricate numbers pattern . One that has been echoing murders and missing peoples cases in parts of the USA for a very long time is it the job of a lone psycho troll who craves the attention or is it one off the biggest covers ever. Funny how deep down SS and AHO was the best of pals.

  • I know you won’t post this, but you’re calling the pot calling kettle black. You and your friends fucked with me because I have PTSD and YOU DID use my name. You called John a murderer and various other despicable things, to the point you were obsessed. Believe me, just because John talks to you does not mean he likes or trusts you. He’s smarter than you give him credit for, as are Tim and Lance. YOU are the one who should stop fucking with people. As far as “intricate numbers” go. YOU are the only one who ever went into that and you did it under various names, such as Smucker, here.

    • Looks like James Leone put you up to this. Does John Smith know that you two are close? So are you part of the infamous pomkik trinity? I sure as hell know James Leone is. As for John Smith, sure he may not trust me, and I don’t blame him, but I have apologised and we have both moved on, I am sure that John would agree to that at the very least. As for you PTSD, I had no idea you have that and I certainly NEVER targeted you in anything. Also, your claim that I use the alias Smucker on my blog is erroneous at best, but hey for someone who is close to Leone, I understand how you could come to that conclusion. BTW Noelle, I’ll leave you with this thought, if Leone was able to do what he did to me and had me believing that John Smith was the one terrorising me for several months while it was him all along, don’t you think he is capable of doing the same thing to you? How do you know he’s not the one playing on your PTSD?

      • Not stupid, I only ever used your real and full name after you though it was clever to share mine for no god dam reason, but I don’t mind it’s all good. All for what because you hate to hear other people’s ideas, be constructive with your criticism and not so childish . As for John I only ever didn’t like him or had no respect for him due to his pig ignorance on newbies wanting to have some fresh prespective on the matter. There was no need for anybody to be rude or dismissive to anybody no matter how long they have been investigating this or not. God created us all as equals. That’s was my gripe . And I never once said direct that John killed anybody. I totally agree with Armchair and that there is somebody linked majorly into this case, who is really good at screwing people over ,and twisting and turning and baiting you into thinking one way, when it was totally In the other direction. All I say is god loves a tryer, and he has plenty of time on his hand to weave this web.

  • Oh, hey Michael. I won’t waste my time on you. AC you are all wrong. John is my friend and I would never backstab him. Nevet. You’re an obsessed person. You wouldn’t know a fact if it bitch slapped you.

    • Noelle or should I call you morningsentinel? It’s very obvious that you and Leone are close, why I don’t know…. He certainly didn’t deny it, not sure why you are.

    • Yay Noelle how it hanging dude.

      Glad you acknowledged what I said , and to accept it , it’s good for your soul . You love to use this PTSD as a huge banner to parade around, it will not get you out of the shit when the sun comes around darlin. And be very careful, he has a lot of time on his hand. That has made him quite good at it and he loves skull fucking people into a hot mess of confusion. But he is human and makes a lot of mistakes.

  • By the way, I have PTSD, however that does not mean I’m incapable of protecting myself nor do I have to check with John as to who I speak to. Just FYI

    • Ok, you lost me here… So you’re trying to say that you don’t need John’s permission on who you can and can’t talk to and that you’re capable of protection yourself. Look, I don’t mean to nit pick but you’re the one who’s come on my blog attacking me and claiming that I attacked you because you have PTSD the day after I sent James Leone an email about him doing something similar with someone who used to follow this case. Coincidence, me thinks not. In fact, if you read the message you sent me, it almost looks like you’re answering the email I sent to James. Did he forward it to you Noelle?

      • That is a good point. He really tried his luck with me. But all along I knew he was up to something I just wanted him to make his mistake. I just couldn’t be bothered to play his silly games. Especially when I get no rewards.

  • Yes, you did attack me. You attacked John. You attacked many others. You used vile nasty name and horrible accusations to both John and Alex. We did protect ourselves, and you finally got it and apologized. Nice of you. But none one forgets what an obsessive freak you are. John knows I talk to James. You know absolutely nothing about me and even less about the rest of people you attacked.

    • This is all very interesting Noelle, since the only reason I went after Alex and John is because James convinced me that they were the ones who hacked my computer, email…. and the ones who had been tracking me online. He convinced me that Alex was Joseph Cpaw when it was James all along. Sure I apologised but I was majorly misled by someone which affected the way I perceived certain people in this case.

    • I believe I was the one who used the vile nasty names not Armchair. And hell no would I apologies. Hey who wants to know who is as sick and crazy as James. Let me guess Noelle , ages ago we spent a good few hours talking on Twitter via direct message, remember Noelle . I really wanted to show this lady I was not armchair. Now after hours of talking facts you did the whole victim bullocks got all the information you think you needed and said you felt sory for me and actually liked me . and then you blocked me for no reason at all. This was before I had even cussed any off you guys for doxing Arm and Cold. So gee your not as innocent you make out Noelle,quite a manliulative and evil as James .Birds of a feather And all that Jazz Noelle . It’s all in the eyes Noelle always is.

  • Maybe it would be a good idea if you just mind your own business and stay out of people’s lives you know nothing about.

  • eh… blow it out your ass, you obsessive freak. I can’t even read or write this shit because I’m laughing too hard. Have a wonderful freaky life, you lunatic. Wish you nothing but the worst.

  • Do your research. Soldiers are not the only persons to acquire PTSD. You know nothing about the way I was raised as a child or the things that happened to me before I was an adult. As we all know, Eric, the internet is nothing but the truth, correct? Funny…. a dear friend of mine said I would be the next person you accused and it wasn’t the person you are out to persecute this month. You are an absolute hoot. I’ve never worked at a Recycling Plant in my life. Why don’t you look up the place I worked and figure it out. You are of a teeny tiny little one direction mind. Poor thing.
    I really do feel for you. It must be horrible to be in your head.

    • You know, the information I was able to gather was actually information that you uploaded yourself to the internet, so are you saying that you lied? I could call the plant and ask if they ever heard of you…. I wouldn’t want to know what it’s like being in your head. What I can’t understand is how people attack others of play with other’s minds who are looking into the disappearance of a girl. The only thing I have accused you of is being friends with James Leone and coming on my blog to respond to an email that was for his attention only. I have never attacked you, the only ones I’ve attacked have been John and Alex and I’ve publicly apologised for that on both my blog and my podcast. I’m really not sure what more to tell you.

      The real problem is that Leone made me believe that John was behind the hacking of my computer and email and whatever else when it was him all along. He accused just about everyone of being pomkik when it was him all along. He went along and encouraged me accusing Alex Clogston of being Joseph Cpaw when it was him all along and the threats that I received on reddit came from him. Look I have no beef with you, my beef is with Leone. I don’t understand how someone can at once pretend to help in the search for Maura online but on the other hand attack those looking for answers. I apologise for my reply from yesterday, I have deleted it.

    • BTW You’re right, I shouldn’t judge because I’ve never walked in your shoes. I’m sorry if you are dealing with PTSD, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I apologise if I made light of it, PTSD is a very debilitating condition.

  • Oh… and once again, Eric. You will keep being removed from Reddit and other forums unless you learn to be a human being.

  • and I don’t know how this got under this comment and I don’t give a shit. You have gotten under my skin to the point of distraction. All you’ve ever done, Eric is point fingers and make up stories in that teensy little mind of yours. I told you before and I will restate it here for you. I WILL NOT watch anyone I care about be lied about, accused of things that aren’t true, be bullied or hurt. I will not sit by and shut my mouth out of fear of you or your dumb ass filthy mouthed friend. Remember this. I am not afraid of either of you and if you hurt someone I care about, I’ll be back.

    • That’s ok, come back as often as you want. But for the record I have apologised to John and Alex. To my knowledge I haven’t attacked anyone else, the only person who I have a beef with is Leone and that’s because he played mind games with me for several months and had me believing that John was bad and that Alex was Cpaw. I’m actually also sick and tired of all this and just want it to end. John Smith is a good guy and so is Alex Clogston and I was wrong for what I put them through. I really don’t know what more to tell you.

    • Hey Noelle

      Don’t even bother try answer my comment, stick to the same old gramma bullocks. You use all this crap for people to feel sorry for your self, karma is a bitch and you reap what you sow. The main way I found your real full name was on a deprecate blog you attacked a woman on there, was it regards to art and PTSD or weight loss. I can’t remember but there something wrong with you, and you love to deflect. Take some ownership and ignoring my comments only proves your guilt.

      • I wouldn’t waste your time with her if I were you. Maura’s disappearance is a complete shit show. First the family chooses someone who has never once met Maura to be the spokes person online and the main contact. The family in my opinion has displayed very poor judgement in who they have trusted which quite honestly makes me wonder…. It would make more sense to me if someone who knew Maura directly (friend or family) was entrusted with being the family’s contact person. I just find it very fishy. Helena even couldn’t distinguish Maura from the pictures that were posted by Joseph Cpaw. She thought that the pictures were of Maura. I never met Maura and even I could tell it wasn’t her. This entire case and the online characters involved in the case wreaks. I don’t know who to trust and who not to trust. One person will act like your friend and the next minute stab you in the back for no apparent reason. You have others who play mind games and try to pin people against one another. It just doesn’t make any sense. If I were you, I would leave this shit show and move on, that’s what I plan to do.

        • Oh and to boot I tried to set up a go fund me account called “find Maura Murray” with the hopes of raising money for Maura’s family to continue the search for Maura. I sent an email to Helena since she is the family contact and received a PFO (please f*** off) letter. I find it incredibility hard to understand how someone can first of all be rude to someone trying to raise money to search for a missing loved one, let alone flat out refuse the help and the donations. Again, it just makes zero sense.

          • Yeah , I’m
            Telling you this is always been a fucked up case. That why hundreds of people find out about it, it’s on about 50 differ t YouTube videos , 10 most bizarre missijng person cases

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