I have decided to set up a new blog to discuss some mysterious and unsolved cases. I started being interested in these cases at a very young age. I remember watching the TV show Unsolved Mysteries as a child and always wondering if those cases were ever solved.

As I got older, I began reading mystery novels and also following documentaries and TV series that talked about unresolved crimes and mysteries. I believe I’ve seen every show that airs on Investigation Discovery and I’ve also watched several other shows and documentaries.

The main purpose for this blog will be to discuss mysterious unsolved cases. I encourage everyone to send feedback that you have to give and would love to hear everyone’s take on these cases. I welcome everyone to this blog and my only request is that everyone respects other posters.  If you wish for me to look into a particular case, please let me know and I will consider it… Hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing from all of you.


2 comments on “Investigating mysterious and unsolved cases

  • Glad to see you’ve added Jennifer Kesse to your list. I remember hearing a lot about the case for a while but not so much lately. This is one of several, like MM, that really stuck with me. This is clearly an abduction and seems like it may be solvable. If someone at the time knew something but were afraid to tell, maybe that’s no longer the case. With enough interest, investigating and word of mouth, maybe someone will come forward.

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