As I began looking into the Jennifer Kesse case today, I noticed that there was a correlation between Jennifer’s residence and where her vehicle was located. It turns out that both locations have bus stops about a minute walk from both locations. I believe this is very interesting and noteworthy. Here’s a picture showing the bus stop near Jennifer Kesse’s residence:


As you can see from the map, Jennifer’s residence is only a short walking distance to a bus stop. Now have a look at where Jennifer’s vehicle was found:


Now notice how there’s a bus stop across the street from where her vehicle was located. Of course, this could just be a co-incidence, however if it’s not then this could be a lead. Something else I noticed was that the bus company offers an employer pass program, have a look:


Now what’s interesting is that it also offers the employer program to employees of Loews Hotel at Universal Orlando which is very interesting since I also found this:


Notice how the this particular bus route starts at Universal Boulevard and goes past both Jennifer Kesse’s residence and the location where her vehicle was located. Of course this could all be a coincidence, however it is certainly interesting.


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  • Hi, have you watched the Investigation Discovery show “Disappeared?” They aired Jennifer’s story. The bus route is interesting but there’s more to dig into with scheduling since she disappeared on her way to work. So it would have to be narrowed down to looking solely at the AM routes and interviewing bus drivers on those routes. But that could be a shot in the dark. Not saying this is good info but how many bus drivers could recall all the passengers they dropped off on that particular day? Not to mention, it was morning/rush hour and I’m sure lots of workers on those buses. Or narrow it down and find out how the maintenance and construction workers at her condo got back and forth to work. But that would be tough. I think due to the length of time that’s passed people are going to have memory memories. Personally, based on evidence do far, I lean towards LE detectives’ theories. She was being watched by someone at her condo and I strongly believe in women’s intuition and it’s never failed me. If you get a bad feeling in your gut, then you are probably right. She told her dad and BF the construction workers on-site creeped her out. But great catch on the bus routes!

    • Yes, I did watch the disappeared episode. I have to admit, I’m fairly new to the case so I’m still trying to read as much as I can before writing my next post. I do agree that it would be very difficult to figure out if someone did use that particular bus route. There would be a lot of research involved in something like that. I do agree with LE’s theories about someone at her condo or someone doing work around the condo might be involved, however to find this out you would need to co-operation of the owners of the building and they would need to offer a list of the works, which from what I’ve heard were all illegal workers. All that to say, I have a lot of work to do on this case. Hopefully I’ll be able to find something that will be helpful.

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