The last time anyone has heard from Jennifer Kesse was on January 24th at approximately 10 PM during a cell phone call. At the time, she was at her residence in Mosaic apartments in the vicinity of the 3700 block of Conroy Rd in Orlando Florida. She has never been heard from since.

It appears that Jennifer Kesse got prepared for work the following morning however never arrived at work. At the time of her disappearance she was a financial analyst for a timeshare Ocoee Florida. When her co-workers noticed that she had missed a meeting that morning, they called Jennifer’s parents to make sure she was ok. Upon receiving the call, Kesse’s family imidiately made the 2 hour drive to Jennifer’s residence. They let themselves into Jennifer’s residence and nothing seemed out of place. Some clothes had been laid out in the bedroom and it appeared that someone had recently used the shower. Missing however was Jennifer’s purse, cell phone and her black four door 2004 Chevrolet Malibu.

Three days after Jennifer’s disappearance, her Chevrolet Malibu was located in the parking lot of Huntington on the green apartment complex at Americana and Texas, less than a mile from her residence. Some of the residents at the complex said that the vehicle had been parked there for several days. Dogs were able to track Kesse’s scent from the vehicle back to her apartment and the contents in the vehicle were not stolen.

Here is a map to show the distance between where her vehicle was located and where her condo was:


After viewing some of the surveillance tapes at the apartment complex, law enforcement announced that they were looking into a person of interest in the case. An individual who was approximately 5″3-5″5 was seen parking Kesse’s vehicle then exiting the vehicle and walking away. Unfortunately since the quality of the video is not great, law enforcement have been unable to tell if the individual is male or female. This individual however is the prime suspect in Kesse’s disappearance.

Here are the pictures form the surveillance cameras:




Prior to her disappearance, Kesse had mentioned concerns about her apartment complex and stated that she did not feel safe. She had only been living there for a few months and there weren’t many residents since the complex was being renovated. She mentioned being scared of some of the construction workers at her apartment. Law enforcement have not found ties between the workers and her disappearance. Jennifer was close to her boyfriend and even went on a trip to the Virgin Islands the same month she went missing. Also, her boyfriend is not considered a suspect and has provided an alibi.

The authorities are looking into a possible connection with the disappearance of Tara Grinstein (http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/g/grinstead_tara.html). Both cases are similar and are also close in proximity. It is very uncharacteristic of Jennifer to miss work and to not be in contact with her family. Also, her cell phone has been inactive since she disappeared and there has been no activity on credit cards or Epass.


4 comments on “Jennifer Kesse – Intro

  • That definitely looks like a young man! He has a very long stride. A woman’s leg distance would be shorter unless she was modelling, I would think.

    • I also agree, I think it’s a young man but notice how his hair is in the back, almost like he has a pony tail or something. You can see it more in the second picture.

  • I just came across this podcast yesterday when I saw this link posted to the Find Jennifer Kesse’s page on facebook. This has has haunted me since I first heard of it. I truly believe that someone surprised her in her apartment. According to the Disappeared episode her mace was still on her kitchen counter. Jennifer was obsessed with safety, there is no way she left without it. I’m wondering if the person left themselves into her condo while she was in the shower (to me explains why there was no sign of a struggle) If she was anywhere else in her condo she problem would have heard the door open, or been able to struggle.
    Now, if she was in the shower she wouldn’t have heard anything with the water running. I think maybe she got out of the shower and the person or persons were in the doorway. There is no where for her to go if she’s trapped in the bathroom. Maybe the told her to get dressed, and she probley already had all her clothes laid out to put on for work. She probley put that on, then as they were walking her out the door, she probley had all her stuff she would normally take to work sitting right by the front door (or at least that’s my habit) and the POI just scooped it all up and took it with them just in case someone came to look for her. They would think she left on her own. I do think the man in the video is dressed like either a landscaper or a painter from the complex. I think he looks like he has a wedge/bowl haircut that was popular back then. I think if it was gang related she would have been found. I think they would have wanted to take credit for something like that. The boyfriend called her after arriving late to work and her phone was off. There is no way she shut the phone off herself. In my opinion she was already taken by that time. Maybe they even have big carts to push stuff around in like a motel worker may put dirty laundry in something that has wheels and that’s how they transported her without anyone seeing her. Just my thoughts on it.

    • I’ll be honest and say I have no idea what happened to Jennifer. Was she surprised while in the shower? Did she leave early to bring the cell phone to her brother’s friend and then something happened. There are many scenarios in this case, but one thing is for certain, someone out there knows something and someone needs to speak up.

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