End of November 2005 / Jan 2006 


Jennifer moved into the Mosaic condo at Millenia. At the time there was a lot of remodelling and renovations at the condo including Jennifer’s unit. She complained to her family that some of the workers were making her feel uncomfortable. According to her mother Joyce, the workers would stop and stare at her and would give leering stares. The workers were made up of large group of crews who travelled together and many of the workers stayed in the condo in empty units. Out of the 447 units in the condo, only 250 were occupied which is why the workers were allowed to stay in the empty units. It was rumoured that most of the crew was made up of illegal immigrants which makes it very difficult to trace these workers. The gate at Mosaic condo was left open since the workers were coming and going. Jennifer was very careful and carried mace, a whistle and would make phone calls when alone. Jennifer’s mother later said that she always left her phone turned on.


Jan 21-22 2006

Jennifer and her boyfriend Robert Allen are returning from their trip to St. Croix and they are heading to Rob’s place in Ft. Lauderdale on Sunday. Jennifer’s younger brother Logan and several of his friends stayed at the condo during the week-end. Logan’s friend forgot his cell phone in Jennifer’s condo.

Monday Jan 23rd 2006

6:00 AM – Jennifer leaves her boyfriend’s place and heads directly to her work at  Westgate Resorts in Ocoee, FL. Jennifer worked a full day and left about 6 PM. That evening Jennifer spoke to her parents and to her brother Logan. She talked to them about her trip and she seemed happy. She also called Logan’s friend to make arrangements to return the cell phone to him.

9:57 PM – Jennifer calls her boyfriend and they talk briefly since she was tired from the full day of work and the vacation.

Tuesday Jan 24 2006

7:00-8:00 AM – Construction workers, painters, landscapers etc usually start around this time.

7:30-7:45 AM – It is believed that Jennifer left for work around this time. Jennifer worked at Westgate Resorts in Ocoee, FL, which is about 13 miles and 16 minutes driving time from her condo. It’s possible that she may have left a little earlier than usual to mail/drop Logan’s friend’s cell phone. Jennifer had the following items with her: her keys, brown purse containing her wallet, ID, ATM card, an iPod, her cell phone, her brother’s friend’s cell, and a briefcase. There were only 2 occupied condos on the same floor as Jennifer’s unit and her neighbour was not in town. Drew Kesse said that every Tuesday there were landscapers who worked at the condo complex near Jennifer’s parking space. When questionned,  the landscapers claim that they didn’t see Jennifer leaving her apartment and getting into her car, which she did every weekday morning between 7:30 and 7:45 a.m. Her boyfriend Rob was running a little late for work, so he called Jennifer on the way into work but just got her voicemail. Jennifer and Rob would always call or text each-other every morning, but she didn’t that morning.

10:00-11:00 AM Rob had a meeting at 9:00 AM and after his meeting, he called Jennifer again, and once again he got her voice-mail, which he thought was odd.

11:15 AM When Jennifer failed to show up for a meeting at work, her employer at Westgate Resorts attempted to reach her on her cell phone or at home but where unable to reach her. Then they called Jennifer’s parents parents. Her mother then called Jennifer at home and on her cell phone but it went right to voicemail. Jennifer’s mother and father called Rob to notify him that she hadn’t shown up for work.

12:00 PM– Suspect parked Jennifer’s car at the Hunterdon on the Green condo complex, which is about 1 mile or about a 2-5 min driving time and about 15 min walking time from Jennifer’s condo. The suspect then walked by gated pool area and was caught on grainy camera footage, however it is not possible to see who he is.

1:00 PM Jennifer’s parents and her brother Logan left to drive the 2 hours from Bradenton, FL to Jennifer’s condo.

1:00-3:00 PM While driving to Orlando, Jennifer’s mother called the condominium complex and asked if they could send some management to check out Jennifer’s condo.

1:00-3:00 PM Two condo managers went over to Jennifer’s condo. Her vehicle was not parked in her space. The management then entered Jennifer’s condo. The door had been locked and nothing was disturbed.

3:00 PM Jennifer’s parents and Logan arrived at Jennifer’s. There was nothing amiss in her condo – make-up out on the counter, hair dryer, what Jennifer wore to bed the night before on the bathroom floor, bed not made, a couple of outfits strewn on her bed, typical for Jennifer according to her mother. “Clean apartment. Shower was wet. Blow dryer out. Clothes on her bed. Other than that, the apartment was completely normal.” There were no signs of forced entry, and no signs of a struggle. Jennifer’s luggage was still in the front hall, untouched. But her purse, her keys, the cell phone(s), and iPod, which she always kept with her, were missing.

3:00 PM  Jennifer’s parents notify police that Jennifer is missing. They were met at Jennifer’s by both OC sheriff deputies and OPD deputies. Deputies asked Jennifer’s parents how old Jennifer was. Her parents replied twenty-four. Deputies said she probably had a meltdown or a fight with her boyfriend and claimed She’ll be back and they left.

3:30-5:00 PM Construction and maintenance workers at Mosaic finish work for the day

4:00 PM  Family and friends have fliers made and being distributed them within the immediate area of her condominium

PM – Detectives checked for activity on her ATM card and “pinged” her phone to pinpoint its location. There was no response.

7:00 PM – Police Sergeant Roger Brennan says they entered her into the system as a missing person and issued an alert for both Jennifer and her car. (Be On the Lookout – B.O.L.O. report issued at 9:00 PM per Joyce Kesse) Police could not search all of the units in Jennifer’s complex because many were privately owned.



2 comments on “Jennifer Kesse – Timeline

  • Isn’t it strange that video camera placement is never eye level but way up high or the image is grainy? You would think that organizations would want their property protected by cameras. Maybe that footage of the suspected perp was tampered with so you wouldn’t see the face. This way the apartment complex isn’t liable. I wouldn’t put it past them. What a shame!

    • I agree, the footage looks like it was tampered with. It’s incredibility grainy and very hard to focus on the image and make out if the person is male or female let alone if they are wearing a hat or if that’s their hair cut. What I took away from the video is the height of the suspect (estimated to be 5″3-5″5) and is wearing baggy clothes. Another thing I noticed is that the person seems to be wearing specific colours (black and kaki). Oddly enough, those are the colours of the gang known as the Latin Kings and they are know to be active in the Orlando area….

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