Unfortunately Kim’s mother Brenda will never be able to forget the day her daughter went missing.
It was the afternoon of Friday, March 22, 2013, Brenda and Kim had a long and warm conversation on Skype. “And she said I love you mommy. I’ll talk to you later,” Brenda recalled. “We blew kisses and that’s it. She was gone.”

The following morning Kim failed call Kristen as expected and she immediately knew something was wrong. She then contacted Kim’s boyfriend and as well as anyone else she could think of but no one knew where Kim was. By the time police entered Kim’s home they found her computers were gone and her dogs were locked in a room without food or water.

“Those dogs were attached at her hip. She doesn’t leave those dogs. If they are not with her they are being babysat. Those dogs are not left alone,” Kristen said. “We knew something was wrong. Very wrong,”

She then said that things took a very troubling turn at the end of December 2013. That’s when Kristen received a call from a Regina police officer. “She just said ‘head’s up, we’re making an arrest. It’s not for your sister’s case. It’s for another girl.'”

Police informed her they were arresting Eichler for the murder of Kelly Goforth. “I literally just dropped to my knees and started crying.” said Kristen

Kristen’s mother Brenda also received a call. “It kind of hit me like a rock. I just sort of went numb — cried.”

“They called me to let me know because they knew it was going to be in the paper and media, so they were giving us kind of a heads up on that development,” Brenda said.

The they were also contacted when the second murder charge was laid in May 2014 and when the aggravated sexual assault charge was laid the following December.

They were also informed by police that they suspect Eichler played a role in Kim’s death. It was later confirmed by Police that they had contacted the women to update them on the status of the Eichler investigation.

While they say that they’re investigating a possible connection between Eichler and Kim’s disappearance, at this point they won’t call him a suspect.

Kristen said that as soon as she first learned that Eichler had been arrested for murder she immediately began to question whether he was involved in her sister’s disappearance

“I want to believe that something crazy has happened and she’s still alive. But I know with like every ounce of my being that she’s not here anymore.”

Kristen said that even though her sister lived in Ontario, they were very close and speak to eachother almost every day, sometimes several times a day.

And she said that Eichler was often the subject of those conversations. Kristen said Kim was friends with Eichler and would occasionally took care of his young son.

Kristen said that their friendship troubled her. She had known Eichler since he was 19 years old and saw him as a bad influence on her sister, who at the time was trying to leave the drug scene and clean up her life.

“Kim was making some positive changes and Eichler would still text, call and for the most part she was ignoring him. But towards the end there she was feeling weak. It was hard for her to say no,” Kristen said.

“He wasn’t a healthy person for her at the time you know.”

Eichler attended rehab when he was just 18 years old.

Eichler was sentenced to jail time in 2004 for the possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking.

Also, Eichler was struggling with a crystal meth addiction in 2008.

Kristen was aware of Eichler’s drug problem and she believed that he was trying to bring Kim back into the drug scene.

At the time their relationship was purely platonic, however she said Kim told her Eichler “had expressed wanting more than friendship from her. But she made it clear the feelings were not mutual.”

Eichler, 33, was charged with the first degree murders of two aboriginal women and a violent sexual assault of another.

On Dec. 31, 2013 he was arrested and charged with the murder of 21 year old Kelly Goforth. Her body had been found in a dumpster a few months earlier.

Also, on May 9, 2014, he was charged with the murder of 23-year-old Richele Bear. She had been last seen on Aug. 24, 2013. Police also claimed that Eichler had sex with her dead body.

Then on Dec. 18, 2014 he was also charged with the aggravated sexual assault of another aboriginal woman. It was reported that Eichler allegedly choked her with duct tape and a garden hose back in 2012.

If Eichler was was convicted of the murder charges, Police said he would be the first serial killer in Regina’s history.

At this point Eichler has not been convicted of any crime related to Kim’s disappearance.

Kristen said that Eichler would often call and try to spend time with Kim.
“The last few days before Kim went missing, Clay was messaging her. Clay was hounding her to hangout and at first she was just ignoring him.”

The fact that Eichler has been charged with murder makes Kristen sick to her stomach.

“I dont know, I want to be careful of what I say. We don’t know anything for sure, but it doesn’t look good,” Kristen said.
Kristen said she hasn’t hear much from police and neither has her mom.

Brenda said she feels like she just about lost all hope that her daughter will ever be found alive. Now she just wants some closure.

“It certainly, I think, would make a huge difference in moving forward if we had a body to bury,” Brenda said.

“But it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. So that’s a hard thing to live with – really hard.”

Anyone with information regarding Kimberly Ann CRUICKSHANK is asked to contact

the Regina Police Service at 306-777-6500,

or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477,

or (if applicable) contact the nearest detachment of the RCMP.

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