Quebec also know as “la belle province” (the beautiful province) has been the rumoured destination of Maura Murray for those  who believe that she ran away. Much like a Bourne Identity movie, the believers of this theory believe that she was able to get Canadian passports and was able to obtain citizenship while eluding detection for over 12 years almost as if she was a CIA operative.

From my comments, you can certainly see where I stand in respects to this theory. I never bought into this theory, however I will keep an open mind and examine both sides of the argument and will let the readers make their own decisions.

There had been quite a lot of research done by Sam Ledyard on this theory and I will include some of his findings. For background and context on this story, I would encourage everyone to view this website:  It has been speculated that the author of the maura_alive Geocities blog was Adagio who was frequent poster on topix forums. It was also believed that Adagio was also “Observer” or “Suzanne” on topix. For more information, I would refer you to this post by Sam Ledyard:

I will now examine the points for and the points against  Maura fleeing to Quebec Canada:

Points for the Quebec theory:

  • She never told anyone where she was going or why she was leaving.
  • She left during some possible legal troubles with credit card theft.
  • She left after crashing her father’s brand new vehicle potentially while intoxicated.
  • Her love life was not going well and she was looking to get away with her new boyfriend.
  • The crash of her vehicle was intentionally done to throw people off and make it seem as if she was abducted or died of exposure.
  • She advised school officials that there was a death in the family and she needed to go away for a few days.
  • She disappeared shortly after the vehicle accident.
  • There were apparent sightings in several different places in Quebec.
  • Internet rumours and blogs have her being in Quebec.
  • Her room was packed up as if she was ready to move.

Points against the Quebec theory:

  • She never learned French, which happens to be the main spoken and written language in Quebec.
  • Law enforcement and investigators never looked for her in Quebec which means they don’t believe she’s there.
  • Her school books and insurance papers had been left in the vehicle. (was she planning on filling them out and mailing the insurance papers)?
  • Quebeckers often visit Vermont and New Hampshire in the winter time, especially ski resorts. It’s possible someone from the area spoke with people from Quebec and that their conversations was what inspired the Maura in Quebec rumour.
  • She did not have any maps of Quebec or any internet search history indicating that she was planning to run away to Quebec.
  • She was not an experienced driver and the intersections, especially in Montreal and Sherbrooke are very complicated even for experienced drivers.
  • She did not have a reason to run away, at best she just wanted to get away for a few days.
  • She had been planning to get a new vehicle from her dad. If she wanted to run away, don’t you think she would have waited until she had the new vehicle instead of running away with a vehicle running on 3 cylinders.
  • She only had clothes to last only a few days and left many of her personal belongings in the vehicle and locked the vehicle, as if her intentions were always to return to the vehicle eventually.
  • In order for her to live off the radar, she would have needed a new social security number, and money. If you assume she ran away to Quebec, than you also must assume she either committed identity theft or possibly stole money or both.
  • If she were to go to Canada, Quebec would not have been the first choice for someone who only speaks English.

Well, that concludes my points for and points against the Quebec theory. Again, I will let the reader make their own decision, but at least you are now informed on the different possibilities.

As for her room being packed up before she left. I think too much interpretation is being done with this detail. I recall when I was in college people would switch rooms all the time, especially during the start of a new semester.  The only thing this information probably proves is that she was preparing to switch rooms before she left….


One comment on “Maura Murray in Quebec Canada

  • I was just browsing around, and I found your comment about this theory, despite I don’t agree with the Canadian Connection especially the Quebec theory, it is important to point out a flaw in your comment regarding the issue of the language. Despite the province of Quebec is considered French speaking, many people in big cities like Montreal, Sherbrooke speak speak English too, many Americans go to these places and the people speak English in stores and restaurants, even Quebec City that is the center for the French speaking culture, there are people who speak English, so I don’t see a problem for any American to go into Canada and live in a city where nobody knows you. I lived in Montreal for several years and many students from the States attended English schools, and it is possible to get a job under the table. The only point I want to make is that anyone wanting to move out and hide, can do it, even if you do not speak French, considering that nobody knows you where you come from, and it would be easy to find a job.

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