Well folks, looking into this case has been one heck of a ride. To those who have been following this case from the beginning, the name Sam Ledyard will be familiar with you, however to those who aren’t as familiar with Sam Ledyard let me fill  you in a bit. Sam was someone who researched the Maura Murray case back in 2014. He was the creator of notwithoutperil.com, a site dedicated to finding answers to what happened to Maura Murray. After receiving several threatening emails, Sam decided to step back and hasn’t been heard from since. Now in doing research into this case, I came across an imposter who was not only impersonating Sam Ledyard, he was also trying to make it seem as if Sam Ledyard was pomkik. Pretty intelligent, except he left quite a few fingerprints… Have a look at the following topix post:

Sam Ledyard topix

Now this was posted by the imposter posing as Sam Ledyard. You can find the link for this file here http://archive.is/YfZZB.

Now look at what happened when I clicked on Sam Ledyard’s name:

Jeff Brightone

Look at the link… The person either left their name or left their alias…. Jeff Brightone.

Ok, now that we’ve looked at that, I have something else… This person also created this website: http://sam_ledyard.neocities.org/

When you click on the website, you get this:

Pomkik links

You get a series of links to a blogger profile… Guess who’s blogger profile this is… Have a look:

Pomkik's profile

It’s pomkik’s blogger profile. I have to say, this guy put a lot of effort to make people think Sam Ledyard is pomkik. I have to say, at first I almost bought it, until I saw the name Jeff Brightone. A short google search confirmed that this is actually a real person (you can actually find his linkedin profile too)… Have a look at his topix profile where you can find many of his views on American politics: http://www.topix.com/member/profile/jeffbrightone.

Jeff Brightone topix

So, it seems that Sam Ledyard’s imposter has been revealed, and it also appears that the person behind pomkik has also been revealed. Now to Jeff Brightone I say this, I urge you to contact me to clarify this out. If you are just an internet troll looking for attention, well you got your 15 minutes of fame. So why did you create pomkik? What was the purpose behind it? Do you know anything about Maura’s disappearance? Why send threatening emails to James Renner, Tim Pilleri, Lance Reenstierna and Sam Ledyard. Why hide behind a Netherlands proxy? Look, if I’m wrong here, by all means come and correct me, but you’ve left a major cloud of suspicion here. Again, if you want to contact me, my email is airmchairdetective@mail.com. Looking forward to your email.

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