Alright folks, consider this my last post about Maura Murray. A few days ago I wrote a post about a mysterious caller who called me from a mysterious phone number and location. I left out some details in hopes that the mysterious caller would contact me via email, however this never happened. As such, I will release more details about this mysterious caller and ask that friends and family of Maura’s pay attention and hopefully answer some questions about people she may have possibly known in a specific location.

Ok, when I received the call, on my callerid it came up as coming from the state of Texas. As I don’t know anyone from Texas I found this odd. Also, I’ve never received a call from a telemarketer which revealed an actual location, it’s usually a 1800 number or a blocked number but never shows up on my callerid as a specific state or province in my case since I live in Canada. So obviously at first I found this odd, but then my phone has a function where I can see the actual phone number that called my phone.

After researching the phone number, it came up as belonging to someone in Mansfield Ohio. So here’s my question to Maura’s family and friends, do you know if Maura had any connection to Mansfield Ohio? I know Billy called Mansfield Ohio on February 9th 2004 at 9:20 PM the same night Maura disappeared. Did she have any other contacts in Ohio? If so, is it possible that they may know what happened to her?

Again, the phone number that called me could be from anyone or may completely be unrelated, however I do find it interesting that Billy called this same location in Ohio the same night where Maura disappeared. Coincidence?






After doing some research I came across something interesting. Billy Rausch has a sister who lived in Mansfield when Maura disappeared and she still lives there to this day. I’m not saying she’s the mysterious caller, but Billy certainly does have ties to Mansfield.

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  • I get calls from various numbers all the time-robocalls, spoofed calls, etc. A person can use another company’s name and number to call you to try to rip you off. I stopped picking up the call if I am not familiar with the number. I figure if they want to speak to me bad enough, they can leave a message. Don;t give any personal info over the phone.

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