I know what i’m about to write might sound a bit crazy, but hey aren’t we all a little crazy? I’ve been struggling with insomnia for several years now and yesterday was no exception. Out of sheer exhaustion I fell asleep and only woke up in the afternoon. While I was sleeping I received a call from a mystery caller. The caller left no message and I only noticed the call when I looked at my phone’s history.

The first thing I noticed is that this call was coming from the US. I found this odd since I live in Canada and don’t know many people in the US, especially not from the state that this phone number came from. The next thing I noticed was that the phone number had been masked to appear that it was coming from one state when it was coming from another, leading me to believe that this was a telemarketer or some scam. Of course the call peeked my curiosity so I began searching the phone number which I was able to find. The phone number is registered to a company which is a subsidiary of Verizon, so of course my first inclination is that this is a cell phone number which pretty much rules out a telemarketer.

After doing the research and doing some deductive reasoning and taking into account that I only know a hand full of people who live in the US and of those people none of them live in the states attached to the phone number. Also taking into consideration the fact that the only real regular contact I have with the US is via my blog and podcast, my deductive reasoning led me to believe that the caller was most likely someone who follows my blog or listens to my podcast.

So to my mysterious caller, the best way to contact me is via email. I do not answer the phone if it’s a number which i’m not familiar with. If you want to reach me, then email me at airmchairdetective@mail.com. Of course my deductive reasoning could be way off and this mysterious caller may just have dialled the wrong number or was perhaps a telemarketer, but I found it interesting how this person hid the state in which they were calling from….



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  • I really hope it’s not someone who follows your blog, that would be creepy as all hell! I do wonder if you may have experienced something happening a lot here in the US. Scammers are using services that spoof numbers to do things like IRS tax scams, computer repair, and also telemarket. Last summer I was getting around 5 calls a day, all from different numbers for a good week. I would look up the numbers and sometimes it would show registered as a cell phone, other times landlines and on occasion would be listed on one of the messageboards where people post scam calls. They’re getting good though and using spoofing software so the numbers are very often different each time because of this. So even if when you search it shows its registered to a cell phone it wouldnt matter if the number wasnt actually theres to begin with. I would pick up to see what would happen. Sometimes it would be an actual human trying to pretend to be from the IRS, other times there would be no answer, the call would just hang up. If it wasnt a wrong number or creppy reader it could have been something like that. Do you have a Do Not Call registry in Canada?

    • Yes, I do we do have a do not call registry. I’ve also experienced similar calls from telemarketers. I’ve also received calls from Canada Revenue Agency threatening to send me to court haha, but they are fake. But this number that was on my phone stood out. I’ve had this phone number for over ten years and never saw a phone number like that call. But like I said, it could just be some telemarketer. I agree, if it’s a follower of my blog, I would find it very creepy.

  • Occam’s razor with a sufficient amount of street wise knowledge, should tell u its a telemarketer, wrong number, someone u know calling from a different number, fake killer or real potential/one off/serial killer. In that order…in other words using mathematical probability, ur gonna be okay…maybe.

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