Early on in the searches for Maura Murray, Haverhill Police Chief Jeff Williams sent a letter to Maura Murray’s father, Fred, notifying him that anyone, including Fred, his family, friends, searchers and reporters, would face trespassing charges if they continue to trespass on Haverhill resident’s properties. I always found this was an odd response to a… Read More

While looking at the new subreddit I came across something else interesting and wanted to share this as well. One thing that always fascinated me was the damage to the vehicle and how it was not consistent with a vehicle hitting a tree or a snowbank. I tried to analyse how the damage could have… Read More

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I’ve been following this new subreddit and one of the reditors pointed out something that I found very interesting. There seems to be some very interesting connections between Maura Murray and Louise Chaput. For those who don’t know, Louise Chaput was a french canadian who was murdered in… Read More

I’ve been quiet for quite some time now, however have decided to start writing again. Lately I’ve been following a new subreddit. The two moderators have been making some very interesting points in this subreddit and I decided to share one of those points made by the user notwithoutperil. The redditor was able to find… Read More

As I delve deeper into this mystery I have found several people who had something to lose. Some people had careers at stake and a salary while others stood to loose their reputations and possibilities of future employment. Others had legacies that they could lose and which may be tarnished if the skeletons in their… Read More

  You can’t talk about this case without bringing up the Jerry Sandusky case. The most shocking thing about the ex Penn State sex abuse scandal when it came out in 2011 is the fact that the local district attorneys knew about it in the late 1990’s. In fact the mother of one of the… Read More

As I began looking into this case, the one thing about Ray Gricar’s disappearance that sticks out to me is his profession. The suicide rates amongst the general population is about 10 to 14 deaths per 100,000 people. The reality is that amongst attorneys the rate is much higher, approximately 69.3 deaths per 100,000 people… Read More

Our society has inundated us with news stories, movies and even TV shows that depict different monsters that are in our society. Usually when watching a TV show you know within the first few minutes who the monster in the story is or at least have a good idea of who they might be. Many… Read More

Well, I’ve asked for my reader’s support in writing a blog post and this is the first submission that I will be including on my blog. This person has been a great help with the Steven Koecher case and also the Maura Murray case and has a lot of information about the disappearance of Ray… Read More


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Ray Gricar – 10 years later


If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

Bellefonte Police Department

814-353-2320… Read More