So lately I’ve been reading and listening to blogs and podcast that seem to suggest that Maura’s destination was a cabin that belonged to Umass. Although there is absolutely no evidence to support this theory, it is being pushed out there as if it’s fact. Let me just show  you a few things here. First… Read More

Well, I’ve reached the end in the Steven Koecher case. This will be my final blog on this case. It’s my opinion that Steven Koecher met with foul play when he went to Henderson NV. I believe that after entering the subdivision, he didn’t exit the subdivision on his own will. I believe he wasn’t aware… Read More

Well folks, this pomkik character certainly thinks all of this is a big joke. Well, today I was able to find exactly where the “collage” picture came from on his website. It took a bit of internet digging, but here is your collage:   Yup, the spur in all it’s glory, what a waste of… Read More

I’ve already covered some rumours that surrounded this case, and also looked at the last steps of Steven Koecher. I now want to discuss a precise time line starting months prior to his disappearance and days leading to his disappearance. In April of 2009 Steven moved to St. George UT. At the time he was… Read More

Well, I’ve decided to give my readers the opportunity to help me on my quest for answers to some of the most baffling cases. Yes, this means I want your help to write some of my blog posts. The post must be about the two current cases featured on my blog and must not contain… Read More

I’ve been trying to re-trace Steven’s last steps. Steven parked his vehicle in a dead end cul-de-sac on  Savannah Springs Ave in Henderson, NV at approximately 12:54 PM. Here is a picture of the cul-de-sac care of Google maps: There are several cul-de-sac just like this one in the area. As you can see it’s kind of… Read More

**Disclaimer** These are just my opinions based on my investigation into the disappearance of Steven Koecher. If you have different opinions please share them.    I won’t spend too much time on this internet rumour, since I don’t believe there is any substance to it whatsoever. I will however still cover it since it was… Read More

Today I had a look at the surveillance footage that shows Steven Koecher’s final moments on camera. The footage is very grainy and very hard to see, however I did notice something very particular about the video. You first see Steven’s vehicle enter the view of the camera at about 11:54 AM. Here’s a picture… Read More