Today I noticed something very interesting on my blog. I keep a daily eye out on my blog to see who visits my blog. Anyone who has followed Maura’s disappearance have said that Beauharnois is a possible destination where Maura ran to. Today I noticed that someone from Beauharnois Quebec looked at my blog, and only viewed the Maura Murray pages, not only that the server used is mostly used on the Netherlands, which was the location for IP addresses used to attack people under the username pomkik and the ip address location for someone who tried to hack my email and blog.

Whoever this is, please email me as soon as possible, and if this is you Maura, email me I’ve blacked out all the information and you have every right to live your life as you see fit.







Ok, so turns out that this IP address belongs to the OVH services in, which I mentioned earlier about this case. OVH has a database in Beauharnois Qc, it also has servers in both Ashburn VA and Amsterdam NL which are all tied to pomkik so this is one of three things, either it’s a major troll, it’s Maura, or it’s someone who knows what happened to Maura. I don’t think it’s a troll.



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