As I began looking into this case, the one thing about Ray Gricar’s disappearance that sticks out to me is his profession. The suicide rates amongst the general population is about 10 to 14 deaths per 100,000 people. The reality is that amongst attorneys the rate is much higher, approximately 69.3 deaths per 100,000 people which is about 6 times higher than the general population.

Ray’s vehicle was found adjacent to two bridges that run over the Susquehanna River, which bares striking similarities to the location where his older brother Roy Gricar’s vehicle was found before investigators located his body in the Great Miami River in Ohio back in 1996. In the days after the discovery of his vehicle, there were searches around the banks of the river however there were no signs of Gricar found.  Here’s an aerial view of the Susquehanna River:

bridge ray gricar arial

On July 30th 2005, fishermen found a county-issued laptop belonging to Ray Gricar in the Susquehanna River beneath a bridge between Lewisburg and Milton. The computer was analysed by law enforcement but was found to be missing it’s hard drive. Two months later someone located the hard drive on the bank of the river. The hard drive was subsequently analysed by the FBI but was too damaged to recover any data. Here’s a picture of the bridge just on the outskirts of Lewisburg:

bridge ray gricar

In April of 2009, law enforcement revealed that prior to his disappearance, someone at the residence or Gricar and his girlfriend used a home computer and preformed internet searches on how to “wreck a hard drive” and ” how to fry a hard drive” and also “water damage to laptop computer”.

I do find it odd that there were searches on the Gricar home computer on how to destroy a hard drive and water damage to laptop computer. It is possible that someone simply spilled water on the laptop and wanted to find information on what can happen to a computer with spilled water. However when you couple this with the fact that the laptop was recovered in water and that the hard drive was destroyed, it certainly makes one think twice. Although I’m somewhat new to this case, I do find this scenario plausible, but I will of course look at every angle of this case…… There will be much more to come….


I forgot to add this but the Susquehanna River is 464 miles long and it is the longest river on the American east coast that drains into the Atlantic Ocean.


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  • Gricar had also asked co-workers about erasing the drive, including a defense attorney. He had been known to have purchased eraser software about a year before he disappeared.

  • Can you let us know where the 6x the general population number comes from? We have seen others cite this, but cannot find anyone who can direct us to the original source/study, except a Canada Bar stat regarding lawyers covered by their insurance plan. If you can help us, that would be great.

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