You can’t talk about this case without bringing up the Jerry Sandusky case. The most shocking thing about the ex Penn State sex abuse scandal when it came out in 2011 is the fact that the local district attorneys knew about it in the late 1990’s. In fact the mother of one of the victims of coach Jerry Sandusky brought up the crime to the DA Ray Gricar in 1998 but he decided not to bring up charges.

Gricar never explained why he didn’t bring up charges. There have been many speculations around the disappearance having something to do with his decision not to bring up charges in the sex scandal. Some theorised that it may have been retribution for victims or to silence him. Let’s not forget, he was due to retire in 8 months, so there was a possibility that the information would move to the next DA (again this is back in 2005, 6 years before Sandusky was brought up on charges).

Also, you have to go back and ask yourself about the internet searches. Why was someone doing google searches on how to destroy a hard drive? What was in that hard drive that needed to be destroyed? Was Ray the one who did the searches or was it someone else? Was he threatened and forced to get rid of the hard drive? Did he do something and was trying to cover it up? Was he bribed into not bringing up charges? The key to his disappearance lies in the hard drive and the motivations behind the destruction of the hard drive. He had been asking co-workers about how to clean a hard drive and purchased cleaning software, why? He was 8 months away from retiring, did he have skeletons in his closet?

One thing to note too is that bringing up charges against Jerry Sandusky doesn’t just affect one individual, it creates a domino effect. Other’s at Penn state are affected, the ones who were sexually abused and didn’t want to come forward are affected, the parents and siblings of the ones who were abused are affected and family and friends of the staff at Penn state that are affected. You see, many people are affected in this circle, so if indeed his disappearance has to do with this case and if Gricar was indeed murdered this means that there are several lives that would have been impacted by him not bringing up charges.

On the flip side of that, you have the lives of those who were so profoundly affected by the abuse that they considered suicide. Those who turned to drugs and alcohol to dull the pain that was caused by the abuse. The parents and family of those who are struggling with these things for the rest of their lives.

See, there are many different suspects and many different motives. If Ray Gricar was murdered it will be very difficult to pin down the suspect since this case affected so many people. Let me know what you think….





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  • Wouldn’t there have been a file on this case? What if he was working on a big murder case (pretending he wasn’t missing) and he lost his laptop? Is everything gone? You would think his info was backed up or written down somewhere.

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