The reason I decided to look at these three cases is primarily because they seem to have similarities. For example all three girls were brunettes and had similar looks. All three disappeared under similar circumstances and they all lived no more than an hour drive from one another. Also, their age were similar as well, one being 14 and the other two 15 respectively.


Shirley Ann Mcbride was a 15 year old girl who lived in Concord NH. She was described as being 5 foot 6 inches tall and weighing 110 lbs. Shirley was a Caucasian female with dark hair and blue eyes. The inner edge of Shirley’s upper front teeth are chipped. Also one of her feet turns slightly inwards when she walks and her nickname was Tippy.

It was around 9:30 pm on the night of July 13th, 1984 when Shirley was last seen leaving her sister’s apartment on Union Street in Concord New Hampshire. Her plan was to go visit her 21 year old boyfriend at his place of employment. At the time, she wasn’t carrying any additional cash and she had not braught any personal belongings or clothing with her. It is unknown if she actually ever arrived to see her boyfriend that night. Unfortunately she hasn’t been heard from since. It wasn’t out of character for her to leave the home overnight without telling anyone, so she wasn’t actually reported missing for a couple days.

At the time of her disappearance, Shirley was living with her sister. She had left her parent’s home to go live with her sister just a few months before. In 1983 her family moved to another town which began to cause problems for her. She would often skip school, was suspended from school and ultimately became involved with drugs. She was also known to regularly visit people in the state prison at the time of her disappearance. It’s not know if any of the inmates are connected to her disappearance. Regardless of her personal problems, her family don’t believe that she left of her own volition.

There have been many sightings of Shirley over the years in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New York state after she disappeared, however none of the accounts were verified and police don’t believe any of them were genuine. The investigators believe that Shirley met with fould play and most likely never left the city of Concord. Her boyfriend is considered a possible suspect in her case. Shirley’s parents had her declared dead in 1996, twelve years after her disappeareance, and her mother died in 2003. Shirley’s case remains unsolved.

If you have any information concerning about Shirley’s disappearance, please contact:
Concord Police Department 603-225-8600 OR Concord Regional Crimeline 603-226-3100
Now we will be looking at the disappearance of Rachel Elizabeth Garden.


Rachel was a 15 year old girl from Newton New Hampshire. She was described as being 5 foot 1 inches tall. She had light brown hair and hazel colored eyes. Rachel also had her ears pierced. At the time of her disappearance, she was described as wearing a two-toned blue ski parka, a pale shirt with silver threads, blue jeans and brown lace up shoes.

On the evening of March 22 1980, Rachel went to the Rowe’s Corner Market on Route 108 to purchase a pack of cigarettes and some chewing gum. She handed the cashier a five dollar bill and took her change and left from the store between 9:00-9:30PM and began walking to a friend’s house in the 50 block of north Main Street where she planned to spend the night. Rachel however never arrived as scheduled at her friend’s house and has not been heard from since. Her parents filed a missing persons report the following day at about 10:00 am.

There was an extensive search of the surrounding areas that produced no clues as to Rachel’s whereabouts. All of her belongings were left at her family’s residence, including her dental retainer. Rachel was the owner of a horse and her family members said it was not like her to leave the animal unattended.

Rachel was seen talking to three male acquaintances in a dark colored car near Rowe’s Market on the night she disappeared. All three men had troubled past and were involved in criminal activity; one of them later served a prison term for assault and rape. One of the men allegedly confessed to killing Rachel after she had disappeared. As a result of this confession, police dug up a site off route 108 to look for Rachel’s remains, however no evidence was located. It is not know if any of the men were actually involved in Rachel’s disappearance.

Rachael is the oldest of four children. Back in 1980, she was a freshman at Sanborn Regional High School. She is describe her as outspoken, fun-loving, friendly and occasionally rebellious by her loved ones. She had healthy relationships with her siblings, but sometimes she resented having to babysit them. Like many teenagers, she complained to her friends about her parent’s rules, and would sometimes skipped school in order to smoke and drink alcohol with her friends in the woods near Maple Avenue. Rachael was originally thought to be a runaway due to her age. While a voluntary disappearance is still considered a possibility, investigators are now investigating other theories as well, including the possibility of foul play. Rachael’s case is classified as a non-family abduction due to the lack of available evidence.

While there is no evidence directly connecting the two cases, it is note worthy that Laureen Rahn, another petite brunette about the same age as Rachael, disappeared from a nearby town just a month after Rachael did and was never found. Laureen’s case remains unsolved and is also considered to be a non-family abduction.

If you have any information concerning Rachel’s disappearance, please contact:

Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office 603-679-2225 OR Newton Police Department 603-382-6774.



Laureen Ann Rahn was a 14 year old girl from Manchester New Hampshire. She was described as being five feet four inches tall and weighing 90 lbs. She is also described as being a Caucasian female with brown hair and blue eyes. Laureen also has a large scar on her upper leg from a fall onto broken glass. At the time of her disappearance she was wearing a v neck sweater, a blue plaid blouse, jeans and brown boots, and she was also wearing a heart shaped ring and a silver blue necklace.

Laureen living with her mother, Judith Rahn, in a third-floor apartment on Merrimack Street in Manchester, New Hampshire. Laureen was known to be a good student who had good grades at Parkside Junior High School. Judith’s boyfriend at the time was a professional tennis player and he and Judith were out of town at a tennis tournament when Laureen disappeared on April 26, 1980. She normally accompanied them, but that day she had asked to be allowed to stay home and her mother agreed. This was during spring break at Laureen’s school.

That evening, Laureen had a male friend and a female friend over and they spent some time drinking beer and wine in Laureen’s apartment. The male friend later said that he heard voices in the hallway and exited through the back door because he thought Judith was coming home and he was afraid he would get in trouble. He also said that he heard Laureen lock the door behind him. When Judith arrived home at midnight, she noticed that the light bulbs in hallways on all three floors of the apartment building had been unscrewed and everything was dark. Her apartment’s front door was unlocked. Judith then checked Laureen’s room and thought she saw her in bed. In the morning, however, Judith discovered that it was not Laureen but her girlfriend asleep in her room. Laureen was gone, her clothes and brand new sneakers were in the living room, and the back door was open. Her friend stated she’d last seen her sleeping on the couch.

Although the police had initially suspected Laureen had ran away, her mother Judith didn’t believe that her daughter had left on her own accord because Laureen had left behind her clothes and purse. A few weeks later the investigators reconsidered the runaway theory. They were now stating that it appeared as if Laureen had left the apartment willingly and intended to return a short time later.

Judith noticed that she had been billed for three California phone calls on October 1, 1980, three months after Laureen had disappeared. Judith had no connections or any friends or relatives in California at the time, and Laureen had never lived there and did not have any ties to the area. Two of the calls had been placed from one motel in Santa Monica to another motel in Santa Ana. The third call was placed to a teen sexual assistance hotline. The physician who was in charge of the hotline at first denied having any knowledge it, however in 1985 he changed his story. The doctor claimed that numerous runaway girls would occasionally visit his wife at their home and one of these young women may have been from New Hampshire. The individual claimed that Annie Sprinkle, a woman who allegedly worked in the fashion industry with his wife, may have had knowledge concerning several runaways. Authorities would later learn that Sprinkle was involved in the pornography industry and scanned several of her films in an attempt to locate Laureen. No evidence was ever discovered linking Sprinkle to Laureen’s disappearance and she has never been implicated in her case. An investigator visited California in 1986 and located the two motels involved in the October 1980 phone calls on Judith’s behalf. Authorities mentioned that one of the establishments may have been used by a child pornographer named “Dr. Z.” Investigators were unable to link “Dr. Z” to the teen hotline and it is not known if pornography was involved in Laureen’s disappearance.

Laureen’s childhood friend, Roger Maurais from Manchester, received a call from a woman who identified herself as “Laurie” or “Laureen” in 1986. Maurais’s mother had answered the call and said that the person was claiming to be her son’s former girlfriend. The caller’s identity remains unknown to this day. A family member of Laureen’s reported seeing a girl matching her description in a Boston, Massachusetts bus terminal in 1981. Her mother received a series of mysterious phone calls up to a year after her disappearance. They seem to always come at approximately 3:45 a.m. and the caller would never say anything. Judith continued to receive phone calls around the Christmas holidays for several years from an unknown individual. She said that the person listened silently when Laureen’s sister answered the phone, then terminated the call shortly afterwards. The calls stopped after Judith changed her phone number several years after Laureen vanished. A witness reported that there was a prostitute in Anchorage, Alaska that matched Laureen’s description. The unconfirmed sighting occurred in 1988 and authorities said that the witness based his recollections on her 1980 photo. The woman was not believed to have been Laureen as a result of the time lapse. The boy who was drinking alcohol with Laureen on the night of her disappearance committed suicide in 1985. He was never considered a suspect in her case.

Judith eventually moved to Florida years after Laureen’s disappearance and subsequently remarried. She believes that it was her daughter who placed the three phone calls from California in October 1980. Laureen enjoyed singing and dancing at the time of her disappearance and dreamed of becoming an actress. Judith believes that her daughter is still alive and also believes that some of Laureen’s acquaintances may know more about her disappearance than they disclosed in 1980. Investigators continue to suspect that foul play was involved in her case, which is still unsolved to this day.

Denise Denault, a 26-year-old woman who lived on Merrimack Street just two blocks from Laureen, disappeared six weeks after Laureen did and was never found. Photograph of her and all vital statistics are however unavailable. Denault and Laureen reportedly closely resembled each other in spite of the difference in their ages, but it has never been shown that their disappearances were linked. While there is no evidence that the two cases are connected, it is also worth noting as I stated earlier that Rachael Garden, another petite brunette about the same age as Laureen, disappeared from a nearby town just a month before Laureen did. Some agencies may list April 27, 1980 as the date of Laureen’s disappearance.

If you have any information concerning Laureen’s disappearance,

please contact: Manchester Police Department at 603-668-8711

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