Well, I’ve reached the end in the Steven Koecher case. This will be my final blog on this case. It’s my opinion that Steven Koecher met with foul play when he went to Henderson NV. I believe that after entering the subdivision, he didn’t exit the subdivision on his own will. I believe he wasn’t aware of the dangers that awaited him when he went there. Many questions still surround this case. Why did Steven go to Henderson NV? My opinion is that he went there either for employment or to settle part of his rent money, or possibly to get some help making fliers for the window washing company. I’m really not sure, I haven’t really come to a conclusion on this.

Now I did find an interesting map of the final cell phone pings from Steven’s cell phone. I don’t know who took the time to make this map, and I’m certainly not taking responsibility for this (and want to thank whoever made the map). You can find it by clicking here https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1ZVbeDaTy6vkPO8uCNKdbk6082vU&hl=en. The map is very detailed and shows approximately where his cell phone pinged from. It is interesting that near the area where the last cell phone pinged was near bodies of water. I looked at Google maps and noticed that this particular road leads back to St. George UT. Is it possible that the person who disposed of Steven’s phone was heading back to St. George and threw the cell phone out their car window as they were driving? I think that’s a likely scenario. I sent everything I was able to find about this case to law enforcement, this is why I will not divulge anything on this blog. If you have any-more information on this case, I encourage you to reach out to law enforcement. If you don’t feel comfortable reaching out to them, you can always send me an email. Thanks for following my blog and this case. My hope and prayer is that Steven’s family and friends will find answers and also peace in this tragedy.


3 comments on “Steven Koecher – The end of my investigation

  • Steven’s disappearance will always bother me. I don’t know why it’s so haunting for me. The economy wasn’t great at the time, he was obviously having a tough time but due to his family and beliefs I never thought suicide was viable.

    But I agree, he met with foul play one way or another.

    Though, I tend to believe the Sun City community was just a meeting point for him. Maybe he went to a house, maybe a car but I think he left that area for sure and died elsewhere.

    • Steven’s case is certainly haunting. I think the fact that he is seen walking away from his vehicle never to return is probably a large factor to play in that.

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