Today I had a look at the surveillance footage that shows Steven Koecher’s final moments on camera. The footage is very grainy and very hard to see, however I did notice something very particular about the video. You first see Steven’s vehicle enter the view of the camera at about 11:54 AM. Here’s a picture of his 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier caught on Camera:

Steven's vehicle

The vehicle then disappears off the camera for a few seconds. Then at around 12:00 PM an SUV appears on the video only 6 minutes after Steven drove down the road. Here’s a picture of the SUV:

SUV two

The SUV much like Steven’s vehicle disappear form the camera range. Moments later we see Steven walk across the road and around the street corner. Keep in mind, the picture below is taken only 10 seconds after Steven went by, so the driver of the SUV would have seen Steven crossing the street. Have a look at the picture:

Steven walking away

Again, have a look at the time on the frame. It is less than 10 seconds after the SUV disappears from the screen. Next you notice the very same SUV return in camera view but this time on the opposite side of the street. Have a look at this picture:

SUV three

Now again, look at the time stamp on this frame. It is 15 seconds after Steven disappeared from the camera angle. At this point he is nearing the corner of the street preparing to turn. I noticed that at this point, the SUV appears to be preparing to park alongside the road and even hits the curb. Here’s another look at the SUV a few frames later:


At this point the SUV is parallel to the street that Steven turned on and appears to stop. Again, according to the video, it would appear that the SUV is now on the curb. Now I looked to see if I could identify what model the SUV. Keep in mind I am not a car guy. I was able to zoom in on the vehicle. Have a look at this picture:


I proceeded to search for vehicles of similar size and features and was able to narrow my search down. It appears that the SUV is either a 2008 or 2009 GMC Acadia. Here’s a picture of what a 2008 GMC Acadia looks like:


maxresdefault (1)

So if we look back at the video we know that Steven entered the camera range at about 11:54 AM. Approximately 6 minutes later an SUV enters the camera view. Approximately 10 seconds later, Steven is seen walking down the street. The SUV re-enters the camera view about 30 seconds after it first appeared (it had clearly done a U turn in my opinion) and appeared to follow Steven even hitting the curb at one point. I’m not sure if law enforcement has looked at this possibility or this angle, however it is my opinion that the person driving the SUV was following Steven. Of course this does not mean that the person was responsible for his disappearance, however it certainly could be a possible lead for law enforcement to have a look at. Please let me know what you think. Below is a copy of the surveillance video. Just click on the link.




It turns out that the SUV belonged to a real estate agent who was showing a home. She was vetted by law enforcement and cleared as a suspect.

3 comments on “Steven Koecher – Surveillance Video

  • The real estate agent still should have valuable information regarding how far Steven walked. Did he walk far enough up the road after he turned to be out of her view? or did he go into one of the houses right there?

  • What if…that person on the video is NOT Steven, but someone dumping his car. It’s pretty grainy and unfocused and it could be someone who looks similar to him. Familiar with the area and knowing he might be seen, he brings along the portfolio so that he looks like he’s there on business. He could either be helping Steven disappear or be the one who made him disappear.

    • That’s a good point, however the family of Stephen identified him on the video. It’s possible it wasn’t him but I find that unlikely.

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