These are just my opinions based on my investigation into the disappearance of Steven Koecher. If you have different opinions please share them. 


I won’t spend too much time on this internet rumour, since I don’t believe there is any substance to it whatsoever. I will however still cover it since it was a possibility in the case at one point. Susan Powell disappeared on December 6th 2009. Here is a picture of Susan:


There seemed to be some links between the two disappearances. For example, there was only 6 days between when Susan Powell disappeared and  Steven Koecher disappeared. Both Steven and Susan were about the same age and both practiced the same Mormon religion. These links sparked an internet rumour that was actually sparked on Josh and Steve Powell’s website (Susan’s husban and father in law). You can actually still find the page claiming this here http://archive.is/VgqM. The information on the page is clearly smoke and mirrors and was posted to throw suspicion away from Josh Powell’s possible involvement in Susan’s disappearance and put the blame back on the victim, in this case Susan.

Her father in law Steve Powell was arrested recently with charges of voyeurism and potential child pornography. You can find the article here:



Her husband Josh Powell subsequently committed murder/suicide when he lost custody of his sons Charlie 7, and Braden 5. You can see more information here:



As much as people wanted to believe that Steven ran away with Susan to start a new life, in my opinion it seems extremely unlikely. I believe what probably happened to Susan is that she found out about what her father in law had done as far as voyeurism and child pornography and she threatened to tell law enforcement. Unfortunately it’s my opinion Josh did not want to go to authorities and this possibly threw him into a fit of rage resulting in him killing his wife.

This is largely why I’ve decided not to put too much time and effort into investigating this aspect of the Steven Koecher disappearance, since I don’t believer there is any validity to the rumour of Steven and Susan running away to be together.


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