I’ve already covered some rumours that surrounded this case, and also looked at the last steps of Steven Koecher. I now want to discuss a precise time line starting months prior to his disappearance and days leading to his disappearance. In April of 2009 Steven moved to St. George UT. At the time he was working for the company “Matchbin.com” and it’s believed that the reason he moved there was for his employment with Matchbin. In May of 2009 Matchbin notified Steven that “things were not working out” and let him go. Steven would later find employment with Travis’s Window and Blind Cleaning and there were fliers for this company found inside the abandoned vehicle.

On Tuesday October 6th in Cedar City UT, at a fall session of Shakespearean Festival Steven’s grandmother gives him a check, however Steven refuses to cash the check. On Friday November 14th at Woods Cross in UT participated in a wedding reception and spoke with some of his friends and family. On Saturday November 15th in Bountiful UT, Steven had a birthday party with his immediate family at his family house.

Mid November in St. George UT,  Jordan (the man who was co-renting the house) moved out in the middle of the month of November. Jordan and Steven were not friends and Jordan apparently left unpaid rent. On Thanksgiving Thursday November 26th, Steven Played volleyball in West Valley City (WVC) in the morning. Later on he had lunch and dinner in Bountiful, then back to West Valley City in the evening for pie. On Friday November 27 Steven went to help a friend put us some Christmas decorations. On Monday November 30th Steven spend the evening at the family home for some activities.

Between December 1 and 5, no one was been able to reach Steven. He was now about three months overdue on his rent payments. His landlord leaves message on Steven’s parent’s home phone. December 2-6  Steven receives a call from his father regarding the messages that his landlord had left regarding the overude rent payments. According to the information I was able to find, this all happened within the first week of December. Steven says he’s buying groceries which were later found at his apartment. Steven was apparently very upset about the subject of the call and hung up on his Dad. Also before disappearing, Steven had made plans to have his rent caught up by January.

On December 5th, Steven for the second time acted as the “roadie” for the RoxDox band. Everything seemed normal and where were no problems. On Sunday December 6th, Steven made an appointment with someone from his church to home-teach her on December 13th at 7PM. On Monday December 7th, Steven attended the Church Christmas dinner and gave some business cards to a friend so she could display them at her work.On Tuesday December 8, Travis Hansen (Steven’s boss at the time) claims to have seen Steven in St. George. He also gave Steven $100 however it is unsure if this was just prior to his disappearance.

On Wednesday December 9th Steven visited a friend’s family ranch. He had met this friend a few years back, however when he showed up, she was not there. Steven spent a couple hours with her family and even had lunch with them. He apparently told her family that he was thinking of going to Sacramento. Here is a map of his travels from St. George UT to Ruby Valley NV where his friend’s family lived:

st.george rubyvalley(I find this particular travel extremely odd. Why would someone travel almost 6 hours up and 6 hours back without first checking if someone is home? Was he really there to visit? Something doesn’t add up. For him to be there at noon or around lunch time, he would have needed to leave at about 6AM, and if he returned about 2 hours after he was there (2PM) then he would have arrived back at 8PM, yet have a look at what the timeline below indicates:)

Later on that day, Steven was seen at the Ward’s temple night and was apparently in the same session as a witness who was doing sealings around 6:30PM. This sighting seems to conflict with Steven’s travels on December 9th and 10th and also conflicts with some of the bank activity. . Later that evening, Steven speaks with his sister. He does not mention any plans to travel to Sacramento and there are no relatives or known friends in that area.

On Thursday December 10th, Steven and his sister talk again and Steven still doesn’t mention his travel plans. There was also a receipt found later on that day from a location that is off of the I-15 exit 261. Here is a map again showing his travels from St. George UT to Springville UT where these receipts were located:

st george springville

(Again, I have a very hard time understanding his travels. This time, he goes North 255 miles to Springville UT. This is almost a 3 and a half hour drive. How is it that someone who is behind on his rent can afford these trips? Also, there doesn’t seem to be enough receipts for gas to account for all the mileage he’s putting on his vehicle in this short amount of time.)

The receipt was for a total of $32.88 and was from the Flying J Travel Plaza, 460 N 1750 W, Springville, UT. Another receipt shows another purchase off the I-15 exit 225. The receipt is for $3.64 and is from the Taco Time, 1155 E Hwy 132, Nephi, UT. Here’s a map from his current location in Springville UT to the location of his next purchase at Nephi UT:

springville ut to nephi ut

(So now he’s heading back south. He covers approximately 37 miles and drove for about 32 minutes. It was approximately 7:24 PM at the time of his purchase.)

Later there is a phone conversation between Steven and his mother. Steven discusses his plans to come home for Christmas and seems upbeat despite being behind on his rent and struggling with finding a job. They discuss finances and subsequently Steven’s mother deposited money into his account to help with the rent, however Steven never used the money.

Friday December 11th in St. George UT, a young man using the same phone number as Steven helped some people who were locked out of their house at the time. There was also a receipt found for a purchase in the amount of $3.21 at Jack-In-The-Box, located at 775 W Telegraph St, Washington, UT. (I won’t include a map for this purchase, since it is only a 10 minute drive from St. George UT. Saturday December 12th, a cell phone tower located near Overton NV registers a”ping” from Steven’s cell phone. Here’s a map that shows approximately where he would have been:

st george overton nv

(So now this new position puts him close to Lake Mead and approximately 80 miles from St. George UT.)

After this, there was a receipt found for a purchase in the amount of $18.08 at Mesquite-Mart Shell, located at 910 W Mesquite Blvd . The purchase was for some snacks and approximately 6 gallons of gas at the pump. This is just North of the cell phone “ping” and approximately 40 miles from St. George. Later, a receipt from K-Mart in St. George was found for one purchase in the amount of $9.42 (1 babygirl bib, 4 /Christmas ornaments @ $1 suitable for brother Matthew’s family). These items were later found in Steven’s abandoned vehicle. Later that same evening, a neighbour of Steven’s claims to have seen both Steven and his Steven’s vehicle.

On Sunday, December 13th, President Greg Webb calls Counsellor Koecher, telling him that he’s in Vegas and asks to see if Steven could attend the 11:00am PEC meeting at the ward. Steven says that he’s in Vegas, but that he would attend if it was needed. Mr. Webb says he’s en route to St George himself, so will cover it the PEC meeting himself. Call only lasts about two minutes. Now I have another map showing the distance between St. George UT and Vegas NV:

st.george to vegas

(So this is about 120 miles or about a 2 hour drive from where he was. I find it very odd that someone who is as religious as Steven was would find himself in “Sin City” of all places on a Sunday morning)

So now I will recap all the travels he’s done in the days leading to his disappearance. So the first drive was from St. George to Ruby Valley NV. This trip would have been about 722 miles (there and back). Then you have St. George UT to Sprinville UT. This trip would have been about 510 miles (there and back). Then we have the cell phone ping from the Overton NV tower. This trip would have been about 160 miles (there and back). His last trip was to Vegas which was approximately 120 miles. So all together Steven travelled approximately 1500 miles in the days proceeding his disappearance. Again, I’m not sure how he could have afforded all these different trips if he was three months behind on his rent. Now here’s the strange part, a 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier has a HWY fuel consumption of about 30 mpg. So we know he travelled approximately 1500 miles in the days before his disappearance. So knowing that his fuel consumption was approximately 30 mpg on the highway, this would mean that he would have needed 50 gallons of fuel to travel 1500 miles. The approximate mpg cost for regular in December 2009 was about 2.6 to 2.7 per gallon. So this would mean he would have spent approximately $130-$135 for gas. Conveniently enough, we find out that Steven’s manager at the time, Travis Hansen gave Steven $100 prior to his disappearance. Was this gas money for running errands? There is more information in the timeline, but I will leave that for another time. The plot is certainly thickening in this case, in my opinion. More to come….


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  • What’s your thoughts on the cell phone pings?

    The information seems slightly varied and vague but one thing I found interesting – at around 6 am, the day after he walked past the home video camera, his phone had activity…some reports say the voicemail was checked at that time, another report suggests a call or text to or from his landlord.

    There doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer though.

    The big question obviously depends on the actual phone log. Was the voicemail password protected? Who left the message? If it was a text or call to or from the landlord…why are they communicating at 6 am?

    I think the police and family really ought to take another look at his call logs again.

    • Yeah, I find the call logs very suspicious at best. I don’t know if the voicemail was password protected, but someone could have been checking the voicemail to see if anyone was trying to get in contact with Steven. What I found especially strange is that the pings seem to lead in the direction that one would need to take to head back to his home….

  • I haven’t read your timeline in its entirety yet, but right at the outset there are some errors. Steve didn’t move to St. George as an employee of matchbin.com. He was working for the Today in Dixie newspaper, which was under the umbrella of the Davis Clipper, the company where his father worked until he passed away. Steve moved to St. George to try selling ads for Today in Dixie, but the publisher let him go (I think it was about a month later) because his sales numbers weren’t high. I know because I worked with Steve at Today in Dixie.

    • Interesting, thanks for sharing. I read a few articles and different timelines that had been posted online in different forums and that was how I was able to put the timeline together. Thanks for the correction.

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