I’ve been trying to re-trace Steven’s last steps. Steven parked his vehicle in a dead end cul-de-sac on  Savannah Springs Ave in Henderson, NV at approximately 12:54 PM. Here is a picture of the cul-de-sac care of Google maps:


There are several cul-de-sac just like this one in the area. As you can see it’s kind of a dead end and if you look the streets don’t join (there’s actually a gate at the end of the cul-de-sac). My opinion is that Steven knew exactly where he was going and probably carried a map with him. I believe he was going to meet someone in this area. As I continued to trace his steps, I came across the house that filmed the surveillance footage:security camera footage

When I looked at the surveillance video I imagined that there was a large side-walk, but you can see that’s clearly not the case. Below is a picture of the area where Steven was last seen on the surveillance footage:last camera angle

He then takes a turn onto Evening Lights Ave. Have a look below:

eveninglights street

Now this is the last know verified place where Steven was seen thanks to the surveillance footage. As I searched Google maps, I noticed something rather interesting about this sub-division, there is only one street that leads back to the highway, otherwise it is completely closed in. Have a look:


I know this is a bit hard to make out since it is an aerial shot but if you look at the very top left corner, it’s the cul-de-sac where he would have parked. He would have taken the first left onto Evening Lights Ave and then disappeared from camera view. The sub-division is very closed in as you can see and there is only one road that leads to the Anthem Parkway, Laurel Heights Ln. It’s my opinion that Steven never left the area surrounding this sub-division. I simply can’t fathom him walking around this sub-division only to head onto Anthem Parkway and walk out of his life, this scenario doesn’t make sense to me. Now have a look at something else that’s interesting. At the very end of Evening Lights Ave where Steven was last seen, there is a trail that seems to lead to a golf course, have a look:

Revere Golf Club

You can clearly see the trail between the two homes that corner Evening Lights Ave and Portsmouth Creek Avenue. The trail seems to eventually lead to the Revere Golf Club that is located on Hampton Rd. Here’s a picture of the trail. It appears to have some gates:

Trail and golf houses

However there is another possibility. Not far from where Steven parked is a graphic’s design company. Have a look at the company information:

Vuethru inc

Now have a look at how close this company is to where Steven’s vehicle was parked:

walk from vehicle to vuethru inc

It’s less than a 10 minute walk from where the vehicle was parked. Now I also had a look to see if the company was registered at the time of Steven’s disappearance. According to the information I was able to gather, the company has been operational since October 30th 2003. Below I’ve included some information I was able to gather. I did darken some of the details as it had some personal information on there:

vuethru inc business

Then I  had a look at Steven’s work experience to see if graphic design might be something that would interest him or that he may have ties to. I had a look at his linked in profile and found the following:

Steven linkedin

As you can see his last job was in creating ad campaigns for local businesses. In order to created effective add campaigns you also need graphics design. I of course don’t want to connect the dots too much since I’ve only began looking into this case, however the impression I have is that Steven was going to an appointment for either a job interview or something related to his current employment. I also don’t believe that Steven ever left the subdivision alive. Of course these are only my opinions. I am unaware if law enforcement ever looked into the this angle. If someone followed this case and has more information to share, please feel free to add some comments.


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  • Hello, I appreciate your blog. I just saw Steven Koecher’s case on ‘Disappeared’. Very intriguing case. Just thinking out-of-the-box : what makes us think Steven was in Henderson ? Only the presence of his car and the camera -videos ? These seem to me not the most reliable facts…. Kindest regards out of Belgium, Francis

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