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  • Hi Alexis, great suggestion. I began looking into Steven’s disappearance and will look into his disappearance next. I will begin this evening digging up some info. It will take me some time (I researched Maura’s case for several months before posting anything), however I will begin posting as soon as possible. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • I’ll try and cover that one eventually. It is interesting, but I’m not completely sold on the idea…

      • What about the 80+ deaths in the Manchester, England canals? Could that be connected to the men going missing in America and ending up in lakes and rivers…and the disappearances in British Columbia, Canada? Are these all connected? Listen to David Paulides and your toenails will curl!

  • Jennifer Kesse and the Springfield 3 are two cases I think it would be fascinating fir you to cover. Also, if you fancied looking overseas the Claudia Lawrence case here in the UK is baffling

    • Thanks for the suggestions. I’m not sure what I will look into next, but those all seem like great suggestions. I am willing to look into any case regardless of where it happened, so of course I would be interested in looking into the Claudia Lawrence case as well.

  • It would certainly be interesting to see what someone “independent” from overseas makes of Claudia Lawrence’s disappearance. There has been so much speculation here in the media it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. Its a baffling and heartbreaking case.

  • Jennifer Kesse’s case is very interesting. I’ve seen it documented in several shows. I’m leaning toward her meeting with foul play, but it would be great to take a more in-depth look and try to attain clues.

  • Sorry for not getting back to you. From the suggestions, I’ve decided that my next case will be Jennifer Kesse’s case followed by Claudia Lawrence. It will probably take me some time to do my research, but expect the first post on the disappearance of Jennifer Kesse to be posted within the next few days. Thanks for the ideas, keep them coming.

  • Somehow I found this blog while researching the missing boy out of Idaho, Deorr Kunz. Great work from what I’ve read on the cases you follow. Any thoughts on the Kunz case?

    • Thanks for the feedback, as for the case of Deorr Kunz, this is the first time I’ve heard of it. I just did a bit of reading and it seems very sad.

  • Today I learned of a story from the vanished podcast that really blew my mind. In November and October of last year, Enrique Rios and Elijah Moore were friends who both disappeared separatly. They both belonged to a school sponsored construction work program. Now, in January a third person, Oscar Alcaraz, has gone missing. He too belonged to the same construction work training program. This really has caught my attention. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

  • Ray Gricar’s case is so strange. I actually lived literally 10 minutes from that Bridge in Lewisburg, PA. When I first watched this on disappeared, I was getting goosebumps.

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