On August 30, 2013, Bryce David Laspisa, a young 19-year-old man from Castiac California, went missing near Castiac Lake. It was discovered that Bryce drove away from Sierra College, where he had recently begun his sophomore year, with the apparent intention to return to his parents’ home in Laguna Niguel. Missing any hard evidence, Bryce’s disappearance has been surrounded mysteries and some painfully unanswered questions.

Bryce is described as being 5 foot 11 inches tall and weighing approximately 170lbs. He is a Caucasian male with red hair and green eyes. He has a tatoo of a taurus bull head and his birthday in Roman numerals on his upper left arm. At the time of his disappearance Bryce was wearing a blue and white checkered Tshirt, white cargo shorts and size 12 red and white Nike shoes. Bryce was originally from Illinois and graduated from Naperville High School in 2012.

After Bryce spent the summer with his parents, he appeared to be eager to start his sophmore year at Sierra College. Bryce’s friends however reported that he was drinking heavily and using prescription drugs during his first two weeks back on campus.

He had also abruptly ended the relationship with his girlfriend and was under the influence the night he left campus. Also troubling was that Bryce had reportedly gaven away some of his possessions, including diamond earrings from his mother, before going on the road.

The drive to his parent’s house should have only taken Bryce a few hours, however he was on the road for over 20 hours. During this timeframe, Bryce had his car serviced, he talked to his parents on several occasions and was even questioned by police. Everyone that spoke with Bryce, in-person and on the phone, insists that he was lucid during this strange timeframe.

Police found it strange that Bryce was reluctant to call his parents on the phone and Bryce even told his mother not to come pick him up. Bryce mentioned to his parents he had something important that he wanted to discuss with them, however refused to give more information. What is it that Bryce wanted to talk his parents about and why was he reluctant to get home? These questions are central to the investigation for the police and also for the private investigator who have been working with Bryce’s parents.

When taken into consideration his recent substance abuse and reported erratic behavior, many are questioning if Bryce had a psychotic break. Is Bryce currently living off the grid and not in the right state of mind to get in contact with his family?

Bryce’s 2003 beige Toyota Highlander was found overturned. His laptop and wallet were still inside the vehicle. The back window of the vehicle had been removed and Bryce’s blood was located on the seats. Police are question if Bryce drove off the round intentionally, heading down a steep and rocky terrain towards the nearby Castiac Lake.

Despite numerous searches following the troubling accident, investigators never located Bryce’s body and dogs tracked his scent from the crash site to a nearby gas station. Could Bryce have sustained a head injury or concussion and just wandered off? Regardless of Bryce’s mental state, police working the investigation do not believe that he met his demise at Castiac Lake.

Next I want to discuss some of the search efforts in the days in weeks following his disappearance.
UPDATE Sept 4 2013 – Police were called to a brush fire around 6 a.m. Wednesday about three miles north of Lake Hughes Road by a cyclist. When fire crews arrived, they instead found a burning body. There is some speculation the body could be Bryce but the medical examiner will need to determine the identity. (Body later identified as Lamondre Deon Miles).
UPDATE on Sept 11 2013 – “They’ve been searching different areas, they’ve been searching by horseback,” Jones said. “We have all-terrain vehicles — we’re searching everywhere we can. We’re trying to search the whole area and leave no stone unturned, so to speak.

UPDATE Sept 12 2013 – Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Police Capt. Mike Parker said the burned body found was NOT Bryce, but was a South Los Angeles man, Lemondre Miles, who apparently was shot to death and his body set afire in a dispute over money.

Bryce’s mother has posted that there have been some sitings of Bryce and one person said he came in for some water and seemed confused.

Also, the families car was burglarized but it was determined to not be linked to Bryce’s case but a random act.

Sheriff’s Department officials have still not released any information whether the discovery of a burned body was related to the missing teen.

UPDATE 10/18/13 –

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR THIS WEEKEND October 19th and 20th 9am-5pm
“We need searchers for this weekends search in Castaic, Valencia and Santa Clarita areas. Volunteers DO NOT need to be experienced hikers, but need to be 18 or older and physically fit. We are asking ALL volunteers (even if you have been helping for a long time) to sign-up at volunteerspot.com (link below) so we can get an approx. head count. We are also asking Everyone to print, fill out and bring with them the 2 forms (registration and release) that can be found in the photos section at the top of this page OR on the forms page of findbrycelaspisa.com
Thank You

UPDATE 1/22/15 – Find Bryce Laspisa’s Facebook page is coming up with unconfirmed sightings of him. Most of them have been in the California area.

UPDATE: 2/11/14 – On a blog that primarily talks about the McStay Family, the owner of the blog offered his help to family’s of the missing. I do not know if the Laspisa family contacted him, but shortly after, there were accusations that were posted on the blog stated that Bryce knew Joey McStay’s brother, Michael. There were also accusations that the family was using donations for things other than searching for Bryce. (Please note this information was before the McStay family was found buried in the desert).

Mike Laspisa responded with this post on Feb. 10:

“A number of your statements are TOTALLY inaccurate. Less than 2000 was donated and it was used for a number of expenses including flyers, magnets, gas money, …
I am not Bryce’s stepfather , I adopted him when he was 2. I have discussed ALL the possible scenarios of why Bryce could have gone missing with anyone who asked. We have used the services of 2 PIs and a number of psychics. We looked in many wash areas for the homeless and had volunteers go to the shelters. Bryce only had contact with Mike McStay twice while volunteering at Mercy Warehouse. He did not attend service there. I do NOT know that Bryce is alive.

Why did Rich Baker send an email to us offering to help and then publish this mostly made up set of “facts?” Rick Baker is seriously disturbed.”

It is hard to understand why Rick Baker offered to help and then turned on the Laspisa’s family, but this was his manner of operation on several other missing person cases and in particular the McStay family. Rick Baker’s blog has been shut down.

In Jan, 2015, Derick Higgins was located in San Diego after he had been homeless and loss of memory for almost two years. He was located by the Harbor Police who were suspicious of his actions and who asked his name. They ran his name and found he was listed as an endangered person, and took him to the hospital and called his parents. The family had a wonderful reunion with hugs all around. Derick was happy to be home and happy to be found. Is it possible that Bryce is in the same situation. Wandering around not aware that there is a family searching for him. Suffering from possible brain injury from the car accident?

UPDATE: 7/15/15 – Bryce is still missing. There have been reports of several homeless people in the Redlands area with red hair. They were not Bryce. The family has also checked several blood banks and he has never checked into any of them. There is a $5,000 reward for information leading to his discovery. Bryce has a distinctive large tattoo on his left shoulder.

It’s my opinion that someone out there knows what happened to Bryce and I’m asking that person or persons to come forward today.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Bryce David Laspisa , call 949-292-4400. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department can be reached at 323-890-5500. You can also send photos to his family at findbrycelaspisa@gmail.com and get updates on Facebook.


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