In this episode I discuss the disappearance of Phylicia Thomas with her family and their family friend Judy. If you have any information about the disappearance of Phylicia, please email with the information or call the Pennsylvania State Police at 570-697-2000.

2 comments on “TADP Episode 30 – True Crime – Phylicia Thomas follow up

  • Hi Eric myself and the Thomas family want to thank you for all your work , And for your kind words and caring heart , Your podcast got me a rally good tip , You have helped so very much , I know you do this from your heart and God sends people into our lives for a reason I am thankful he sent you into Phylicia’s case .. Judy Lorah Fisher and the Thomas family ..

    • Thanks Judy, I’m glad I could help! I just hope this will bring some peace and closure to Phylicia’s friends and family!

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