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I’ve decided to relaunch my podcast as you can see. I will be bringing some changes to the podcast to make it an easier listen. I will be giving my opinions on some unsolved missing persons cases as well as unsolved mysteries. Fell free to contact me if you have any suggestions or if you have any information on the cases that I will be showcasing.




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3 comments on “TADP Season 2 Episode 1 – My thoughts on Maura Murray’s disappearance

  • If you believe the hiking book w/Kurt’s baseball card in it, the stuffed JosephtheMoney animal & diamond necklace from BR, the alcohol, & the school books, left behind was a message, a bon voyage, a goodbye cruel world, maybeeee faking the car accident was as well…. after the accident w/FM’s car & the possible confrontation w/him that may have followed, makes sense that was also another ‘dig. And she locked the vehicle. Locked her life up & left it behind.

  • This was a good listen. Some good observations, and I agree with a lot of what you said. It’s interesting to me to watch the evolving opinions of some people who have, for the past year or so, basically accused me and Karen of lying about what she saw. Now her account, in its entirety, is practically concrete fact. (The timeline is still a little in question, but her phone records back up everything she’s said as much as possible.)

    To be honest, that makes me happy and takes a significant weight off my shoulders. I’ve had to go to bat for her (and myself for trying to get her account out there) so often that it became incredibly tedious and stressful. Karen herself, by reporting what she saw that night, has never accused anybody of anything. Everything she said she saw has been confirmed to have happened, and I find that rewarding and important.

    If what you say is true, about having spoken to Cecil Smith on the phone and him outright telling you that he was in the 002 sedan at the scene, I don’t think that is insignificant. While it would have broken NH’s wiretapping laws, I really wish you had recorded that conversation. Hearing him trying to dispute that after this latest interview would be interesting.

    I have never pushed a conspiracy theory, though many (most?) accuse me of doing so (mental note: getting yourself associated with John Smith [whether you like it or not] does not help in this area). I’ve simply questioned some of things that certain law enforcement officers have said and done that have raised red flags for me. The way they’ve answered some of these questions on this show, and changed certain stories after all these years, has not put these questions to bed, but raised even more red flags, in my mind.

    Another point that many may find insignificant, but that I still find very odd, is that Haverhill PD called Karen back to confirm which police vehicle she had seen at the scene. Other witnesses called in to report what they had seen that night, and they were never called back. The only difference? These people didn’t report seeing 001.

  • I think the perspective you brought up regarding the 2 accidents in 48 hours and the possible similarities between them. I don’t necessarily agree with your theory that both accidents were part of a premeditated plan to disappear, but I do agree that this wasn’t a case of drinking & driving. I would like to offer another perspective as a possibility for the accidents. It could be possible that she got in these two accidents because she was sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation can vary in degrees and isn’t always recognizable to others.

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