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I’ve decided to do a rebuttal to the Missing Maura Murray Ep 69 episode. In this episode they discussed the murder of officer Bruce McKay and the shooting of Liko Kenney. Feel free to comment. Thanks.

4 comments on “TADP Season Two Episode Three – Rebuttal to Missing Maura Murray Ep 69

  • absolutely agree with your comments on this one – there is a whole group who think that the cops had something to do with this. What they fail to realize is the level of corruption that would need to exist for the police to have been involved. The officer, other officers, chief, and anyone close that officer would all have to remain silent for YEARS.

    Errin L is another one of the police conspiracy crowd. Listening to her on the previous episode of the podcast, it was pretty clear that she believes McKay did it – and that was why he “disappeared” that night for 2 hours.

    to me it is pretty clear that the timeline leaves about 4-5 minutes for something to have happened to Murray – in between the time BA left the scene until CS gets there at 7:37 or so…(I seriously doubt that he got there at 7:46)

    • Totally agree with you Dave. Also considering that McKay patrolled Franconia and the surrounding areas, there’s really no reason for him to be at the scene not to mention that Cecil Smith was the one dispatched to the scene not McKay. I find these conspiracies ridiculous, they try and fit the puzzle pieces together and fill in the gaps, but end up creating a false narrative. Liko would be a much better suspect than McKay, but I don’t believe Liko was involved in her disappearance. I believe it was a stranger abduction from someone who lives in another state, which is why no local has come forward. Haverhill/Woodsville is a very small place, someone would have spoke up by now if a local was involved in Maura’s disappearance.

  • https://www.bostonmagazine.com/2007/07/24/collision-course/

    “McKay rang up over 300 stops—summary interrogations, drug searches—pursuing every infraction, no matter how petty, with the same bulldog ferocity. The other two full-time cops in town reportedly collected just 11 between them.

    Unlike Massachusetts, New Hampshire does not have district attorneys, and relies on police prosecutors to pursue guilty verdicts in minor crimes. To earn extra money, McKay filled that position for the town. Sometimes, when trying a suspect he’d arrested, he’d put himself on the stand to present the evidence. “I always thought he was a fascist,” says Jean McLean. That impression wasn’t eased by the Hitler mustache—a dab of dark hair right under his nose—McKay wore for a time, or the GOTCHA vanity plate on his Nissan 4×4.”

    Anyway, I find it improbable that McKay was involved in Maura’s disappearance, but at the same time, after 14 years and absolutely nothing from the Haverhill PD, the NHSP or the NH Cold Case Unit, I don’t see the harm in letting others explore another rabbit hole.

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