In this podcast I discuss some more thoughts on the Maura Murray disappearance, focusing on the more recent comments made by the Missing Maura Murray podcast guys Tim and Lance, also some of the prominent trolls in the online community and several other thoughts. Please leave some feedback. Thanks.

4 comments on “TADP Season Two Episode Two – More thoughts on the Maura Murray disappearance

  • Awesome ArmchairDT! I am almost done listening had to stop to make dinner. You have such a great delivery and points. Im sure podcasts must be very time consuming to make but I really wish you would do more I’d listen all the time. Any plans to do more in the future? ~Cassia

        • I’m actually working on something right now. I’ve pulled every news article on her disappearance from 2004, all 111 typed pages…. Might take me sometime, but I bet i’ll dig up some stuff there.

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