This question has always haunted me. There have been many rumours surrounding Tom Conrad’s murder being tied to Maura’s disappearance, so I decided to look into things and found some interesting things. Of course this is pure speculations, but in order to find the truth you have to search. At the time of his murder, Tom was presently employed as a stone mason for Hilltop Quarries. Source

Now Hilltop Quarries is located in Piermont NH just off Route 25C. What’s interesting is that 25C runs across HWY 91, the same HWY Maura was travelling on. What’s also interesting is that there is a CITGO gas station on Route 25. Is it possible that Maura was running low on gas and took an exit to route 25? Have a look:



What is also interesting to note it that Hilltop quarry flagstones were extensively used for both Loon Mountain and Stowe Vermont, two locations tied to Maura’s disappearance. Is it possible that Tom Conrad knew what happened to Maura because it was someone he worked with was involved in her disappearance! Source

5 comments on “Is Tom Conrad’s murder tied to Maura Murray’s disappearance?

  • Im so glad I found this page? Since watching the case about Maura Murray I have wondered if Tom Conrad could have been a witness to what happened to Maura and that is why he was killed!

  • I have done a bunch of looking into Maura Murray´s case and there´s a bunch of if, and , buts about it but now that I have found this page this makes more sense why he was killed.

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