For several years there have been rumors on the internet indicating that Maura Murray ran away and that she is currently living in Beauharnois Qc. While doing some research recently, I believe I uncovered the origins of these rumors. I had noticed that there were many neocities sites regarding this case and so I decided to research these sites. One of the things I did was to view the site on Here’s what I found:


If you look at the IP location, you will see Beauharnois. This is the location of the server which stores the neocities websites. I then looked up the company who owns the servers in Beauharnois and found the following:


The company offers localised services in: France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, and Finland. It has also expanded its services to the United States, Canada and Tunisia.

If you have followed this case online, then you would be aware that there have been people on the internet who have used servers in the Netherlands to attack the online community. Also recently my website was attacked by several IP addresses which originated from OVH servers which are located in France. Also, the person who attempted to hack my email used OVH servers located in the Netherlands.

I am not sure if these attacks are coming from some IT internet trolls or if it is someone trying to hide something and silencing the community that’s looking for answers.  Either way, it seems to me that this entire Beauharnois story was fabricated by the same person using the OVH servers (someone who knows about the data-centre located in Beauharnois). I honestly don’t know what the motivation behind this is or if this even has anything to do with Maura’s disappearance… Let me know what you think.


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