There is some information on the internet about Maura Murray, some of which is accurate and other is either unreliable or flat out lies. So before I dive into this mystery, I want to shed some light on who she is. I would also love for her family and friends to comment so that the truth about her can be revealed, instead of the lies and unreliable information floating on the internet. She was a special young women who was loved, and is now missed by many. She was also very intelligent and had a very bright future ahead of her.

She was born on May 4th 1982 to Frederick and Laurie Murray and she lived in Hanson Massachusetts. Fred met Maura’s mother Laurie, when he was in college. At the time Laurie was 15 years old and attended High School. They married and had 4 kids Fred Jr., Kathleen, Julie, and Maura. Laurie also had another son named Kurt, which Maura was close to.

When Maura was growing up she became very close to her aunt Janis and also her grandmother. She spent most of her spring breaks and her summers at their house in Weymouth. She was known to be a very very shy young woman. She was also know to have a bit of a temper.


Although Fred was no longer living with his family, his presence was always felt. He encouraged his daughters to take their schooling serious and also encouraged them in their passion for track and field. He would also take them on overnight camping trips in the White Mountains. One of their favourite place to stay was at the Jigger Johnson Camp-ground. This camp-ground is found on Highway 112 about less than an hour east of where Maura’s vehicle was found.

She later attended West Point, a school that her sister Julie also attended. Her sister introduced her to Billy Rausch. Her and Billy ended up having a long term relationship. Ultimately she wasn’t cut out to be at West Point and decided to transfer to UMASS and study nursing. By all accounts she was doing well and was even on the dean’s list in one of the most demanding programs at West Point.  At the time of her disappearance, she was still studying in the nursing program at UMASS. This is all I have for now, but I encourage people to add to this.


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